Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April Update

Hey Empire.

I hope you're all well, keeping it real and kicking it old school out there, if not I'm sending a big manly hug your way, you earned it kiddo!

It's April, the weather's all cock-eyed, my head's all over the place, and I'm kind of at a standstill on all fronts, alas, I shan't complain, this is some downtime I've needed for a while, just some time to back off a bit and get a handle on where I am in life.

So, now I'm not in Framed, I'm doing more hours at work and generally lounging about, I've had more time to write a different style of music, more mellow stuff, it's also given me alot of time to analyze myself as a person, the person I know the least it seems, is myself.

But hey, New Guitar Time!

The Danelectro "Dead on '67"
 This fantastic little guitar cost me all of £150, I've always loved the shape of Fender Mustangs/Jazzmasters/Jaguars etc, but never the price of them. This little guitar is discontinued, it's not just a good guitar for £150, it's a great guitar in general, soundclip below!

It's got stock lipstick pickups, and this groovy vibrato bridge that I've never seen, nor used before, it's a lovely guitar, great price and it does the whole surf rock thing perfectly. It's incredibly thin and light, and very comfy to play! I highly recommend it!

So, in summary I've been chilling, meddling with some new songs and I'm now looking at the prospect of putting my own band together, so if you're interested I'm after another guitarist, lead singer and drummer, but I need experience and open mindedness, so tweet me @FantasticBeard and we'll talk

For now, that is all, thanks so much for reading, I'll be posting soon with more news!

Your pal