Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Does not play well with others.


Now, this evening I was sat with my guitar, having a think about what I'm doing musically.

I think it's safe to say that I have a very volatile personality, as most of you will know, it's something that has developed over time due to the copious amounts of medication, and the longer it goes on, the harder it is to go back and deal with it.

But what I have discovered is that in terms of being in a band, I really don't get on well, as much as I enjoy playing loud, and writing my own music. But when I write my own music, I have my own ideas on how I want it to sound, in the sense that it was written to sound that way, and when we get going  and I automatically notice that the only thing that sounds right, is my part, because the other people in the band aren't me, and that is what annoys me, the only natural way to come up with material for a band is for said band to jam, and most of the bands I've been in just haven't wanted to jam and experiment, because it has been a strict schedule of rehearsing, and nothing else.

So now, I'm out of a band and most notably, out of an urge or desire to ever want to be in a band again, I like to do things my way, and not have to worry about other bandmates attitudes or commitments, and like MANY times I've said I'm recording the album, I actually am now, I've recruited the help of my long time friend and bass player Richard, and we're planning on getting 8 songs down and putting it on sale, because I can gladly sit here at the mac for hours on end programming drums and recording guitar riffs and recording ideas like I want them to sound.

I know I've said I'm recording yadda yadda, but I actually have a notepad rammed with tracks and ideas I've noted down over the last year, of course I'm not a singer, or a lyricist but I'm writing alot more upbeat heavy instrumentals, and as proven with my friend Nick Latham earlier this year, there is still an audience for instrumental music, and I want a piece of that audience, because now I'm happy with my music and the sound, and I think other people might like to hear it!

For now, I have 6 songs recorded and ready for Rich to lay down bass on, a couple more and hopefully in 2013, I hope my debut solo album will be available at all major online outlets!

With luck, I may have some other collaborators too.

Thanks for reading

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