Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It all starts with a beautiful girl...

Hello empire.

This week has been...eventful, lets say, a lot of time has been spent thinking about where I am at in life, which seems to be a recurring theme on this blog as or recent.

But because life is busy, and causes turn into effects I'm left here in limbo, because I don't tend to take sides all that much, and I get stuck in the void of lounging, with laid back jazz.

But when I do make decisions, more times often than not they're really bad. Infact I take that back, Really fucking bad.

So, yeah, Framed haven't practiced for a while, with some of us gallivanting all over the place, and I've taken a step back from playing 2 hours a day, just taking time to take in more music and catch up with friends, it's not got me down, because I'm getting a grasp on some new riffs and shit, it's a recurring thing that happens every so often, I back off the pedal a bit and just practice when the mood takes me, all casual like...

So, this week, usual hours at work, mashing away on Dead Island, a game which I picked up last week, I'm sure we'll be reviewing it over on our other blog.

I'm not really doing the humungous posts so much anymore, neither am I clear of thought so much these days, mainly because my thought path seems to be very cloudy, It's like being drunk but not pleasant, I'm finding it very hard concentrate at the moment is the problem.

So, Luke, I hear you say with slight inquisition, what started with a beautiful girl?
The sad truth is nothing, although if you're a close friend, you'll know, but I thought it was an apt title for the mood I'm in, I got home last night, I sat in my kitchen and drank some whiskey while I received various text messages on my telephonic device. I can only imagine it sounds very cliché that I drown my sorrows under a dim light to the sound of light jazz, but it's how I like it so...nyerrr

On a lighter note, got some new great albums in my collection, and some decent writeups to do on other bands, I'll get around to that when I can think without my face hurting.

Some App reviews aswell, there's some good shit coming out over the next month or so!

See you soon

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Double Cross.

So, yeah, you know when I said I was calling it quits?

Well it was a load of bullshit.

Here I am again, the hour is late and this is where the good stuff happens, I thought I'd dust this page off and write a piece.

There's a nagging feeling going on and here, I realize that I can just give a non-professional view on everything, here's a heads up on what's been going down, because steadily I've been getting views which is puzzling, so now I can fill in the gaps in what has been going down away from Framed and DFWTB.

So, I hope you're all doing well, it's been a while since I bumped into you and a lot has happened since, there's bits of everything, I need to flick through my previous blogs...

So with the band, there was a bit of a slump after our superb gig at The Actress & Bishop, morale was low, and Joe, my co-guitar slinger was really on the verge of calling it quits, but now we have focus towards the Framed album (yet to be named), we're running on all cylinders, and it seems that the new material that we are doing is utterly fantastic, I really feel privileged to be a part of this band, as different as all of our styles are, we put it all together in a way that works so well.

As crap as I may feel, all of them understand and it's brilliant that they have these concerns about my health and help me feel a bit more positive about almost any situation, however, band practice fixes everything, I get to drop everything and just play, always a pleasure.

Expect big things from us, we're putting everything into this.

So yeah, DFWTB, our three-man gaming blog, I love writing about the games industry, and what I've been playing and what I think about what I play. Video games are a nice break from everything else and have provided all three of us with some fantastic memories.

This September, we will be heading to GAMEfest at the NEC in Birmingham, to do a little bit of amateur journalism, to see the buzz that everyone gets from gaming is something I'm looking forward to.

However we are looking for more writers, so get in touch with us on Twitter

Now I've not been all that well,  the main thing being having two epileptic fits in the last few months, which have knocked me about something rotten, one happened while me and the guys were recording a podcast for DFWTB, and sadly my mic picked up the whole thing, it scared me, I can only thank Chris & Rob for their reaction, and getting me sorted out from miles away, two guys I value as two of my closest friends, with good reason aswell.

On the whole, I remain as positive as I can, though with my legs getting a bit wobbly and how I seem to be getting tired very easily, are the next things I need to address, I'll keep you posted.

Luke's Word

As people in the world come and go, it's not hard to hold on to the people that matter to you most, far too many people take friendship for granted, I'm very lucky to know the people that I do and I pretty much go out of my way for all of them to help them out.

I respect all of my close friends, for the reason that they treat me no differently because of my health conditions, they respect me as much as I do, them. I'm so glad that even though they know that, sure I could have a fit at any time, I never get cast out of social gatherings or activities.

Life is made that bit easier, because of the people around you, don't forget that.

Thank you all, so much for reading, be sure to check out the links below for all related links to myself, Framed and DFWTB

Framed Official Webpage

Thanks again.
Your Pal.

Luke Clarke

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Runnin' Wild!

Hello hello you lot!

4470 Views? Wow.

So, yeah, it's been a while hasn't it? I hope you're doing well, if you aren't,I hope I can be a help, because we all need someone who writes about themselves to comfort us right?

However, I offer everybody here a hug, especially those that need said hug.

Where do I start? Things have been crazy cool this past fortnight, so much going on, which is precisely the reason I haven't written you all in a while, with the band, the band's wobsite, brainstorming for DFWTB's new projeKct, gaming, trimming the beard, admiring said beard, gig and so on, so forth.

I haven't managed to comment on
  • E3
  • The passing of Clarence Clemons & Ryan Dunn
  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • 19 months since I lost Dad
  • The Actress & Bishop show
  • How bad Duke Nukem Forever was
  • Sunglasses
Which is alot to comment on in one blog, but I have time to kill and a 3 hour playlist. My back in the saddle was exceptionally long, and that got my most views ever in the history of the LCB.

E3, what a show eh? from what I saw I personally enjoyed the whole thing, Microsoft actually making some "games" for Kinect, YouTube on the dashboard and a whole host of games that aren't Call Of Duty: Modern Shovelware 3, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Minecraft 360, Street Fighter X Tekken, Gears Of War 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Remasters are the ones I can remember off the top of my head, so yeah, the rest of this year is looking good...

We don't talk about Nintendo

Tragically this week saw the death of Clarence Clemons, one of the best saxophone players on earth who played in Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, and laid down some of the best Sax solos I'd ever heard, Born To Run, Badlands, just to name a couple any record I heard him on, I instantly knew it was Clarence, his sound was unique and he just had that effect on fans and musicians alike, I can't really pay tribute at all, all I will say is a big thank you, the legacy over the years is what you have left us, and that's a more fitting tribute than I can ever come up with.

Thank you Clarence.

Another loss this week was to Ryan Dunn, one of the guys from Jackass, he wasn't killed by riding a mattress down Everest, but a high speed collision, I've seen pictures of the wreckage and it's no surprise he was killed, what makes it worse is that he could only be identified by his beard and tattoos, he was my favourite of the Jackass guys and he provided endless laughter to me and others, thanks for everything Ryan.

*Jackass guitar riff*

Now a couple of weeks ago, the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever was released and with it came high expectations, so I went right out and bought it, and as imagined, it was poo.
Big smelly poo. I honestly regret playing it, it was that bad, I honestly think I could have made a better game.

It's a damn shame, however if you want a no holds barred FPS, that's manly and satisfying as hell, Bulletstorm is what I would highly recommend, at least Grey can hold more that 2 shit weapons at once, and now it's been out a while, you can pick it up for less than DNF.

Bulletstorm, the FPS of choice for Luke Clarke.

Duke aint got this shit!

Now I'm writing this on June 22nd, the 30th will mark nineteen months since I lost my father, it's only just hit me how quick that time has gone and how much I wish he were here to see all that's going on with Framed and everything else, it makes me very sad when I think about it, knowing that all of this that I'm doing now I know he would have loved, very saddening indeed, I miss him dearly as you all know, but nothing will bring him back.

What a daft git.

So, last Friday was a really satisfying gig, over at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham, there was a lot of pissing around before we actually got our gear on stage, partially because of the knobbish lot of amateurs myself and the gang could see in front of us.

At a glance we thought it was a “Fender/Line 6 Showcase Evening”. Myself and Joe having a giggle at the shiny gear these other guys had brought with them, as we grew further impatient and angry, because well...they didn’t bring a bass amp for The Cardboard Man to use, however when one appeared, it was like seeing a shoebox with Laney written on it, laughs were had.

First things first I’d like to thank everyone that helped us with the gear.

Secondly, all of you fantastic folk that came along to see us, thank you for making it a brilliant night, from behind tinted shades I could see you all feeling the rhythm, singing and dancing, afterwards we got some awesome feedback from everybody there, except for the poo band that were, who I’ll be honest just seemed to ignore us, I saw them taking the piss while we were warming up with “Don’t You Ever”. I gave them the bird and carried on having a beard and outplaying their whole band.

However, there are some big things on our horizon, Framed are taking some time off to write and record the album, we’ve got the time to do it and the drive to do it. With all the input we all have, I have a gut feeling you lot are in for something special.

and that's it for now folks
as usual, thanks for reading, and remember
B. Cool

Your pal
Luke Clarke

Friday, 10 June 2011

ProspeKcts & ProjeKcts

Greetings readers, fancy bumping into you here.

What a coincidence!

How're you all doing? Well I hope, it's been a little while since I last blogged, simply because I just haven't gotten around to it, however that said, it's given me time to gather some thoughts and put them into a readable format for y'all!

The past week has been...odd, to say the least, I've felt really rough in general and my head has just been all over the place, but I've (thankfully) had a lot of support from my friends, I won't name names, but a lot of you fine folk have been around to talk to and I thank you all for it.

Get clued up about the latest goings on in Framed by clicking the respective buttons!

As you'll guess from those blogs, last practice was a bit naff, click those and you'll find out why and why there are big things on the horizon, I've never been as creative as I am currently, I use music as a healer for any symptoms I suffer, as cliché as it sounds, it certainly is a big part of my life, which is why I strive constantly to be the best I can be, considering my lack of musical knowledge and my gammy hands.

Alot of new albums in the rotation this week, I'll be getting some mini-reviews up soon, along with my word on Duke Nukem Forever, which I can hardly believe I have sitting on my shelf!

Another thing that may be in the works with Rob & Chris, is a gaming based website, it's just an idea at the moment, however I think the potential is massive, so keep your eyes on mine and Rob's Blag. On a different note, me and Chris are working/brainstorming on a YouTube series based on the adventures of a UK lorry driver, which I'm looking forward to doing the voice over(s) for, it'll be similar to various conversations we've had as cockney cab drivers before.

I've got 3 songs in the work, which I intend to have a crack at with the band after the next gig at The Actress & Bishop, Friday 17th June, which is we enter our period of re-invention, so to speak, a clean slate as we write towards an inevitable Framed album!

Now that's all I can think of
B Cool, take care

Luke Clarke

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nothing Happens By Chance.

Hey Empire.

I dunno if I've told you this before, I keep coming back to this quote from "Bono on Bono"

"Nothing happens by chance. You don't end up in front of 20,000 people on a stage by accident, I had a bigger hole to fill, a rock star is someone with a hole in his heart almost the size of his ego"

 I keep coming back to it, even more so after some comments just lately about me and my "off my rocker" approach to music and life, I know I'm not a fantastic Guitarist/Musician, but I get such a buzz out of what I do, and I thoroughly enjoy having the kind of energy I have, it helps me believe in myself a lot more than I used to, being overly loud, ostentatious and sometimes narcissistic gives me more confidence in what I can do and egg me on to push myself further onwards and upwards.

If it verges on vulgar, I apologize.

So, remember last blog I mentioned how I was longing for a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier? 
Well, I went out the next day to PMT in Birmingham where there was a tasty second hand Dual Rectifier priced up at £1099, I tried it out with an awful Les Paul, and it had a brutal sound, 3 channels and I won't bore you with the specifics, but all of my rhythm bits had a really nice bark to them, and the lead sounds for solos etc were really nice and smooth, so I'll sell the AC30, my Mom said she put the rest, which shouldn't be much and Joe says he'll fit a cab up with some nice speakers for a good price, what a bloke eh? It's a slim straight up cab aswell, the kind I like!

Really excited to hear what it sounds with my Gibsons through it, with the 500T pickups? It'll demolish buildings, I'll name the finished cab "THE EMBALMER" forget branding or making up a technical name, I'll be running a Dual Rectifier into The Embalmer!

Heh, it'd keep people guessing right?

So, I've not long got in from a visit to town with a good friend of mine, Maccie, we had a laugh at his random shouts at things, while I shouted LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from time to time, he brought a Flip camera which set alarms off in every shop we went in, so we ended up in the pub, was good to get out of the house, cheered me up and it was good to see Maccie, it'd been a while, but we have plans for  a new YouTube series, which should be a (extremely loud) laugh.

I've got a whole lot of new albums I've been getting into, below is a montage of all the covers!

They're all very good, a nice variation, something for everybody there, they're all worth a listen, however, some of them are VERY hard to get a hold of. I really had to search high and low to get these albums in reasonable quality (I say 320kps reasonable). They are out there, and they are great albums!

South of Sheol is a solo album by a guy on YouTube called Dave "Dingle" Reeves, He's a brilliant guitarist, a big user of Bugera amps and all around top bloke, go pay his YouTube channel a visit! His album is £7-ish on iTunes, totally worth it, a truly brilliant sound!

Dingle 'Ere

Just a quick update this time
Catch you later
B Cool

Friday, 27 May 2011

A week left in limbo.

Hiya guys.

How're you doing? Well I hope, it's been a frustrating week, but at the same time one where I've felt I've been left hanging, where? I don't know.

I've had to deal with a couple of packages being all over the place. My pre-order L.A Noire only arrived today,  a week after the initial release day, and get this it came complete with no pre-order bonuses, whether that was a problem with Play.com, or someone tampering with my mail (like it looks) I have no idea whatsoever.

The case of the missing pickups continue. Where are they? who knows, at least I'm not at a loss with those now, but either way I was looking forward to beef the Telecaster up with some hotrails!

Practice with the band on Monday was great, I used some new silly sounds of mine, making one of the slower songs sound like a 50's B-Movie. Me & Joe have been working on some tracks that we will be putting together over the coming weeks. Speaking of the coming weeks, our gig at Plug has been cancelled, blame our promoter, however on June 17th we are playing at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham, as long as were playing you're in for a great show, seriously.

I was hit by a sudden realization when drinking the other night, do I spend too much time developing these sounds? If so, am I cutting myself off from everybody except for the band and my work colleagues? Alot of people have been texting me and I'm at a point where I feel I have nothing to say to them anymore. I can't put my finger on why, or if there's been a distinct change, I know these people are there and I love them to bits, but honestly, I have nothing to say to them.

Monday, at band practice I turned on the lights in the rehearsal room and there, sat a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, the amp of my dreams, I'm glad to report that it wasn't a case of "Never meet your heroes" because after having a twiddle with all the dials, I tried the amp on the third channel, gain cranked, I played a few riffs and stuff and it sounded like the norse God of Thunder beating ten tons of shit out of the worlds dictators!

You can understand that now I have G.A.S and wish to acquire one, there is a flaw to my plan, a £2000 flaw. I'll be honest, I struggle to have any kind of focus at work, because of the atmosphere I just tend to feel really distant from what I should be doing, hence why I couldn't even consider saving that biblical amount of wonga to buy one...unless of course I rob a bank...Banco El Rob maybe.

I have a couple of new YouTube videos up!

Enjoy! Tutorials will not be available, unless the secret handshake is applied.

Lots of new music and stuff, I'll do an album review blog like I did before, you dig?

This week saw the completion of Framed's official website too, go and take a look and bookmark it for future updates!

Now, I've found myself doing alot of thinking just lately, which isn't good for me, this isn't helped with a stupid amount of mindgames going on, so please if you're causing grief via text, quit speaking in riddles and being suggestive, and just be straight please. I have enough on my plate dealing with fluctuating symptoms/side effects.

On that note, I'll be leaving you for the world known as 'Bed'
Take Care, B.Cool

Your mate
Luke Clarke

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Insight into my guitar style.

Welcome back readers.

I'd just like to give you a little insight into my recent playing style, as I mentioned in my latest blog, I've come to realize I won't be a shredder, even though I have the Buckethead Les Paul, it doesn't mean I can play as fast as the guy does, as much as I'd love to and as much time as I've put into trying, my wrist cramped and swelled up when I got to just half speed of one of his solos, that was when it hit me, that I wont be playing 32nds at 130bpm.

Alas, I've been looking and listening to my style just recently and I've come to realize I'm at a good middle ground, I've got a nice thick sound that compliments how I play, the kind of style is around people like Peter Frampton, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Billy Gibbons, The Edge, Mark Knopfler etc and that's just my general Lead/Rhythm style. As Framed will mention, I do alot of ambient stuff, creating moods using swells, loops and synths with the guitar, which is all based off the work of Robert Fripp, sure it may sound boring to most, but I use it for a reason to really create and set the tone in the background of a song, using it to expand the sound and compliment the atmosphere that the song is aiming to achieve.

I tend to avoid the Pentatonic & Blues scales where I can in fear of sounding like Slash or Zakk Wylde , more times often than not using the Phygrian & Dorian scales, sometimes tastefully going out of key, adding quick triplets over a stupid amount of frets (12-15-19 the other night)

I may sound like I know what I'm on about, but I really don't. I've been self taught for the entire time I've played guitar, so my knowledge of theory and application of said theory is ridiculously low. I just thought the price of lessons was horrific, just to spend months learning "Knockin' On Heavens Door"

To be able to do what I do, when I do, I use my Boss GT10, which a year ago I would have classed as taboo, I was a tone nut, using many analog pedals to achieve a tone I'd be happy with, but that was proving difficult and VERY expensive, and I was nowhere near the tone I wanted, not by a long shot.

And I fell over while trying to switch sounds on the fly, that was when I realized I can get what I want and need from an effects unit. the ability to switch from a U2-like shimmer delay sound, up to a hot rodded "Frampton Comes Alive" sound to the soft swells of a Frippertronics soundscape patch.

The tones I can achieve are exactly what I hear in my head, with minimal feedback into the FX loop on my AC30, it's all there and live, it's very easy to operate which is a big bonus.

Alas, that's just something I've shared with you.
I'll leave you with a song.
Thanks for reading.
Take care
Luke Clarke

Friday, 20 May 2011

Rain, Vinyl, Music And Contemplation.

Welcome back, to another edition of the blog.

Been a busy week for me and also a very interesting one.

The Wednesday just gone me and my old friend Rich went into Birmingham, as we often do, much to my own surprise, I found I was skint, except for the £10 I had in my wallet, £6 of which I'd spent on food, so that's £4 to throw around, so we went down past the Bullring and FairDeal music, to a record store we had spotted while we were avoiding The Island Bar when we played there.

So we went in there and it was a proper retro record shop, I picked up Peter Frampton's Classic "Frampton Comes Alive!", Bruce Springsteens "Greetings from Asbury Park" and a rare 90's U2 CD single "Last Night On Earth". and spent £4! which in my books is pretty damn cool.

You know people say "Vinyl quality is superior"? Well, in this case, it really is. I listened to FCA start to finish and it blew the 320KPS MP3s I have out of the water, it sounded like utter perfection to me, I think we'll be returning to that shop...

That evening as the dark fell, I was stood in the doorway of my back door the rain lashing down, I had a whiskey in my hand and I was doing some thinking, about how I'm gonna have to do all I can to keep myself sharp musically and mentally too, but I was not only things that are to come, but inevitably the past, I mean sure, it cannot be changed, but it doesn't mean it's easy to forget and with the constant haziness that comes with my tablets, it kinda amplifies everything to the point where I was so zoned out, I didn't hear my phone ring, but I think that's for another blog...

But hey...

This week sees the release of one of my most anticipated games, LA Noire, I had it on pre-order, it was dispatched the other day, I thought "lovely job, weekend on LA Noire",  release day is here, do I have LA Noire, no.

Hopefully, I'll get it soon, Rob (of Rob Cotton's Blag fame) says I'll love it, and he very rarely gives that kind of opinion. (Soon being tomorrow, or the postman will be embalmed)

I digress...
Last night me and the band, Framed, played at The Adam & Eve in Birmingham, or as I recall last night "The Morgue" we got all of our gear there (albeit a little late) set up, soundchecked, went and got food, we were on at 10pm so we had time to kill, we had a laugh, I got onstage and realized someone had left my AC30 turned on all night, wasn't happy.

But we went on to play a really tight set, I really fluffed up one of the tracks but the rest of the set was flawless and we showcased a new song, to a crowd of about 5 people who we didn't bring with us, which at the end consists of an all out rockfest, Me & Joe trade solos, Matt really pumps through on the bass, Kim is really kicking it and I saw Andy go jumping off the front of the stage, and not being big headed or anything, I played one of the best solos I have in years!

I'm told it's all on camera and someone was taking snaps, ready to get the wobsite going, so keep your eyes peeled. As stoney faced as the crowd was, we enjoyed it, had a laugh with it, but there are big things on the horizon, and you'll be the first to know. We're building the foundations ready for what's to come as a single unit.

I'm excited, seriously, I'm playing better and better stuff, constantly jotting down ideas for future use, ticking over, I've realized I'll never be a shred-level player, but I'm happy being in the middle on Frampton/Santana/Gilmour level, and with me constantly swapping around sounds to get the right one for me I know I'm doing well.

Tonight though, I recieved an odd text from somebody unexpected, so I'll figure that out when I can be arsed.

That'll do you for now
Thanks for reading

Friday, 13 May 2011

Launching "The Soundscape" + A Rant

It's very rare, here on the Luke Clarke Blog, I have a full on rant, but here I go, about Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Hereon mentioned as Blops) and Mirror's Edge. Now I've been playing Mirror's Edge on my downstairs Xbox 360, so my Mom & Sister have been watching most of the time, and I've started to really hate the game with an unbridled passion, it;s a real challenge, the objectives are very vague, and the controls are hard to work with, but my Mom raised a good point "what's the point if it doesn't challenge you? you'd only moan if it was over in 5 minutes" which is true, but when does a game go from challenging to annoying? when you hit the start button on Mirrors Edge's opening screen. Never has a game sent me loopy to the point where I shout at my big TV and call the main character a whore, though I still say it's a pretty game, visually engaging at least.

Now onto Blops, now the Campaign, I really enjoyed, but my main complaint is the pathetic map expansion packs that are a constant cash cow for these repetitive games Activision churn out year on year. After a right laugh on Double XP weekend with the guys, I figured the new Escalation pack would be worth the investment using my remaining Game Loyalty Points, but no, 5 Terrible maps, 1 is an unplayable zombie map, and the rest are all miserable rehashes of what could have been decent maps, I've played them only once, because there are only 4 game modes, £10 for that? at least I didn't pay for any of it, because I would slag myself off in a mirror if I had wasted £10 on them.


So, I hope you've all been well, I have, this past week has been great, I caught up with Chris & Rob when we went to see Thor in 3D, it was a right laugh, and Rob (of Rob Cotton's Blag fame) had a chat with me about life and everything, which we've never really discussed, so it was kinda cool, while we were all in Walsall though, we were in HMV and there was this Boogie Woogie track that came on that grabbed us as soon as it started, was it Jools Holland? No... Dr.John? No... out came the Shazam app, it turned out to be Hugh Laurie! 

All I can say is wow, I have the album, and it's been on my playlist non stop ever since, it's an eclectic mix of blues, folk & jazz that must not be missed, review coming soon from both me and the Cotton Blag soon I assume (right Mr.C?)

Work continues on the Framed official page, alot of work is going in, it's been a while since I made a website, but it's looking great so far and there will be a new branch of my blog there. "The Soundscape" and it's co-blog "The Soapbox" are two blogs written by me and the other guitarist in the band Joe, (mine being the soundscape, Joe's being the soapbox) so if you want to know my take on music, The Soundscape @ Framed-Online.co.uk will be where you find me, Akimbo Blogging!

For now, that's all there is to know, but how about you go to this page, and register on the petition to get NASCAR 2011 released in the UK? It's made by a UK company, but publishers Activision won't release it here, It looks really cool, so do a guy a favour! Tweet and go and sign this Petition

Thanks for reading
B Cool
Luke Clarke

Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Reminiscence...

Cast yourselves back, November 2010, here on the blog I made out that things were all good in my little world, but more than anything I was a bit lost in life, unsure of where I'd be going, lots of things going on that I was very undecided about, swaying my thoughts constantly, I'd just met Maccie & Kay for the first time, which was fun, and has introduced me to a great bunch of people, as I've discussed before, a looming sense of doom was just there, casting a shadow over everything, negativity ensued.

But one day, I was walking home from a long day walking around Birmingham & Walsall on my own, just my headphones and some decent music, it had tired me out and gave me alot of time to think, but as I got around the autumn coloured churchyard, the vivid colours, the setting sun and "Save Me Some Sugar" by fictional band The Midnight Riders was on, I had never felt as if the world was in synchronization with what I had in mind, but in the same sense it made me kind of depressed that there was no one to share it with, which as miserly as it sounds just brought out the sense of loneliness in me, sure I had more friends than you could shake a stick at...but you get it, right?

It's ridiculous how big a part music plays in my life, as you all know I'm a big U2 fan, preferably of the 90's stuff, on Achtung Baby, the final 3 tracks, "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)", "Acrobat" and "Love is Blindness" is the best example of how just three songs can break anyone down, Ultraviolet, is the start, a positive note, Acrobat tells you not to let the bastards drag you down, and Love Is Blindness stabs you through the heart, shocking I know, but it's why I love the band and I imagine there are similar reasons why you love the band(s) that you do.

With things constantly running through my mind, I hardly notice the time going by these days, for instance, I can hardly remember having a drink with Kay, Maccie & Tommy last week, because it all comes and goes so quickly, but it's the simplest memories that stick with me, snapshots in time if you will, alas I'm just stream writing at the moment, I'm not feeling so hot, and there's not really anyone that would take me seriously if I spoke to them in the manner that I do on these blogs, because I'm just not the philosophical type in general, my slurring, vacant staring, twitches often put people off, but that's for another time.

Thank you for reading, and to whoever keeps bothering me on Formspring, get intouch.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I'd like to share something with you, this winter just gone was one of very fond memories, for me personally, I spent alot of time alone, either here at the Mac, or walking to and from work or venturing out to Walsall or Birmingham on my own, but with the snow covering everything, I had my iPod to accompany my journeys.

Now, I'd acquired some new music, I'd just gotten into a bloke (whom on a personal level I hate with a passion) called Ted Nugent, so I had some of his songs on my playlist, the days were dark and the nights were long, and there was a song that always kept me going, nothing cliché like "Snowflake Boogie" or anything like that, it's a rather odd song called "Stranglehold", I dunno why it kept me going, it's 8 minutes of really sloppy playing on Nugent's behalf, but fantastic execution, and it seemed as if whenever I set out at 7.30am to go to work, putting my size 13's into fresh snow, it was always "Stranglehold" something about the aura of that song kind of summed up my feelings at that time.

Now it's all well and good me having this blog, but there's a lot of stuff I hold back, I do an awful lot of thinking, mainly about the past, about an odd longing feeling that bugs me, and how my medication regime messes me about... a lot, there are calmer songs that would fit the atmosphere, "In The Air Tonight" or "1/1", maybe "Evening Star" but I dunno what it was with "Stranglehold", it's a distinct memory I have, I heard it today and it just wasn't the same.

I fondly remember around that time that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit had come out, and me & Rob were on it chasing each other for hours, and again, amongst my eclectic selection of music, "Stranglehold" would come on and I'd be right in my element, sure it was cold, but I had a cuppa, good music, a good mate and I was having a laugh, but I dunno what it was (and still is for that matter) a looming sense of darkness over my life, not so much depression, because I dislike that term, but as if something was missing, I just wish I knew what it was, a kind of emptiness, if you will.

As of late, I feel more connected to what's going around me, but 2011 is flying past awfully quickly, I feel as if I'll miss too much if I hang back and try to get a hold of what's going on, the band, work, my fluctuating mood & health, I feel I'll lose momentum.

I miss the snow, I miss the cold, but most of all, I miss who I used to be before all the tablets and stuff I've been through that constantly bugs me, though I suppose there's no use in having regrets. Below is Stranglehold, enjoy.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Bluer Kind Of White...

So, last night was my first gig with Framed, it went well, so many people dancing that even Bob Log III would have been proud, alas, the competition were pitiful, but we've all been there haven't we...doing terrible punk covers while the man (with the beard, i.e Me) in the crowd shouts "CORNED BEEF!" during your cover of Blondie's "Call Me", yeah...

Personally speaking, I wasn't that happy with the venue, I think Van Gogh was on the sound desk, the portly promoter with the ill fitting clothes is up for nominations for the May Pimp Slap award, among many, I enjoyed getting to know the band a bit more aswell, was a good night, however, I made a couple of great stonking mistakes, because I couldn't hear a damn thing from my AC30, I had a laugh watching the other acts...

Now I know my co-guitarist Joe reads this shit, watches the videos on my YouTube channel, it's a talking point he brings up a lot, maybe because my shit is perfect... But on a more serious note, it's always a pleasure to plug in and play in Framed, I'm hoping with future songs I can add more noise using my pedal based device...

But when me, the band, roadie Chris and Rich were wandering the streets of Birmingham, we spoke of how it all came around, how I ended up in a band as good as this and how the pieces all fitted, Kim adding me on facebook because of my guitar pictures, from the Framed keyring in my drink, talking to Kim on Morrisons car park, and then suddenly, here I was, part of this band, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, so thanks for having me, I dunno how they put up with me!

So as I write this, I notice we've hit 3,700 views, hows about that then?

Today though, I was back at work, 1-9.30pm, but you know after all the writing of ideas, discussing, chopping and changing my guitar sounds, repairing stuff etc, a day in Farmfoods seemed exceptionally boring, and it gave me a lot of time to think about anything but the job, the mundane nature of my job was something I'd never realized before, but today it hit me like a cold hard slap in the face, I really do loathe my job...

Tonight, I sat out in the garden listening to U2's "Zooropa" album, I had a JD on the rocks as I mulled over where I'm at...

  • Sudden realization that my job engages me as much as the colour beige
  • I'm in a fantastic band
  • I feel frankly terrible
  • I have solid friends I can rely on
  • I'm only 20 years old, and this year is flying by, quicker than I'd like
  • I'm virtually broke, not earning much a week anymore
and for aslong as The Edge's guitar was shimmering away during "Lemon", I really didn't give two hoots.

As soon as I realized this is about the 6th combination of tablets I take to control everything, I began to worry a bit more, this is a "rest of my life" thing, so please, if you're healthy, treasure it, because seriously, this shit isn't nice.

The side effects to all this make me such a changeable person, however, any close friends will know that music is the only pure force with me that never changes, it's what keeps me from losing the plot at times, being on the brink sort of gives me ideas on what to play, so yeah, look after yourself if you're a healthy git, this is all real and this blog is everything I've ever written on the internet.

Lot's of new music, I may do some more reviews, but on that note, thanks for stopping by!

@LukeClarkeBlog & @FramedOnline on Twitter
I'll always exchange tweets
B Cool

Your Pal

Friday, 22 April 2011

Shoot To Thrill, Play To Kill

'Allo Rabble

How're you all doing? Well, I hope.

It's that time again, where I felt the need to blog, properly like, I'm overly tired and fueled by caffeine and pizza, which is when I write my best stuff, it's been a busy week for me, and I'm doing more of what I enjoy.

  • Minimal hours at work
  • Working alot more on music
  • Sleeping, I like sleeping
Let's be honest folks, the weather here in the UK has been superb as of late, as much as I love seeing the world in the sun, I dislike the heat that comes with it, as it ruins me thanks to the ol' asthma, alas I remain chipper, because of everything that's to come, my fantastically sexy band Framed are headlining this coming Wednesday 27th at The Island Bar in Birmingham, click the image below for details, if any of you are coming, please come see me at the gig, I'll be more than grateful to know readers are following my band aswell

Now, the Tuesday just gone, I paid a visit to my Epilepsy specialist at the hospital in Walsall, naturally after last months severe seizure there were some issues with medication that needed to be resolved and now I've been put onto the 700. Nitro Express tablets, called "Episenta", the side effects are awful and the tablets themselves are the size of the moon, so I'm not looking forward to the side effects of what's going to come of this, there's a lot of chopping and changing going on it works for a short time, but honestly speaking, half the time I don't know whether I'm coming or going, hopefully this will be the last change I have to go through, but it's not pleasant at the moment, I'll be honest.

That same day, I spent about ten minutes kicking my feet up on a bench in the town centre, on my phone, checking my Twitter/Facebook feeds, some random girl sat down next to me, tried to make light conversation, she was plastered with fake tan and had stupidly bleached blonde hair, so I continued to tell her to go away, I'm a charming guy aren't I, dear readers?

Thursday rolled around, and so did Band Practice, Kim has a throat infection, Matt had written off Joe's bike, so it's fair to say, not everyone was on form, and in the rehearsal room, it was bastard hot, the evening was spent complaining about the heat and trying to get the dynamics right, which is difficult because I'm not musically in the know, being self taught and all that, and I'll be honest I just wasn't with it for some reason, we have our pre-gig practice Monday hopefully and then it's my first gig for a very long time, so obviously, I'm a tad nervous.

Though I'm finally getting all the sounds I want, I just think it was the heat messing with me, I was struggling, so I'll have to sort that out...

I got alot of fantastic feedback for the new "Luke Clarke Blog: Pimp Hand Award" so I'm taking nominations for May 2011! 

How To Nominate

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Simple? You can make a difference!

Look out for a YouTube tutorial of how to make my tasty Superb Owl Nachos, lounge in the sun with a bowl of LC's Superb Owl Nachos!

That'll do you for now!
B Cool
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Luke Clarke

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Birmingham, Again

Hello again!

So, here I am in a classic readable, less picture-infested format, I hope you're all doing well, because this is part two, where I actually do some writing!

It has indeed been a very busy week, doing almost 40 hours again at work, I've lost track of individual days, for instance I'm unsure that it's actually Saturday night, and I'm here writing to you wonderful people, but hey, big news, we've hit 3,500 views.

Pretty good eh? I think that's a rather good number, because I don't know that many people and there are views coming in from all over the world constantly, Aria Guitars even tweeted me about my tribute to japan, and a lot of views now are coming in from Twitter and other sites I've never even heard of, again thank you all for coming here and reading my ramblings, I do appreciate you being here!

As you all know, I have a telephonic device called an iPhone, but for a while I've noticed little things, a touchy headphone jack, load speeds, battery life and the other day, the mute switch went haywire, so yesterday me and my old pal Rich went into Birmingham, to the Apple Store in the Bullring, I was given an appointment, and I was promptly seen by one of their "Geniuses", who instead of going on about repair and all that, just replaced the phone outright, I'm rather shocked, the service was superb, everything was flawless, before lunch, I'd got a brand new iPhone 3GS.
Thanks, Apple Store Birmingham!

So with that done, I bought The Saboteur and Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, and we headed back home, where Rich pilfered a boatload of my music, we watched Top Gear and played The Saboteur, which is officially the most cliché game on the planet, but good, nonetheless, yet to play it some more, again, lack of time and effort this week.

Onto bigger news, Framed are gigging, Wednesday April 27th at The Island Bar, We are headlining this and this is Framed's first gig with me joining them on guitar, so it's certainly exciting, but keep your eye on the Official Page, I'm told we are recording this coming week's rehearsal, I've got lots of new ideas though, so some exciting times lie ahead!

Also had some questions about my health, I have the hospital this week, so I will fill you in, but on the whole, I'm feeling very well, thank you, reader.

There's more to hearing than meets the ear.
Your pal
Luke Clarke

Three Of A Perfect Pair


Now, last blog I signed off with the sentiment that I would be giving my two cents on some new albums, I've done alot of listening to a whole host of albums I have added to my collection. Below I will list the albums, I'll score them out of ten on how engaging they were, and put the number of memorable tracks out of how many are on the album.

Buckethead & Travis Dickerson - Left Hanging
Overall Score: 8/10
No. Of Memorable tracks: 5/7
Comments: It's an album of outtakes from "Population Override", the reason it didn't get the 10, is because there aren't entire tracks that keep me listening, however it doesn't stop it being a intriguing listen to what was cut from a fantastic album. "Terra Firma" is a good 'un

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
Overall Score: 5.5/10
No. Of Memorable tracks: 3/11
Comments: The newest FF album is the only one I can say I've listened to and doesn't make my brain hurt due to it's dullness, however, it really isn't memorable, it's the same old Foo's, "White Limo"and "Alandria" are all I can recall off of it.

REM - Collapse Into Now
Overall Score: 8/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: 5/12
Comments: a typical R.E.M album, but I'll be honest, it was a nice listen, I've not listened to it more than once, but it was a nice upbeat album and had a great feel to it, recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin, it may not be an "Out Of Time". but I really enjoyed it, call it easy listening.

Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer
Overall Score: 10/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: 10/15
Comments: not normally my territory, but there aren't many people who can put a modern wallop on the old Detroit Motown sound like CLG can, this album had me listening from start to end, real talent you don't hear in popular music these days, stellar arrangements and brilliant lyrics.

King Crimson - Heavy ConstruKction (3 Discs)
Overall Score: 10/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: All of 'em
Comments: Yes.

So, now my album thoughts are out of the way, how are you? jolly good.

Now, I've been very busy, hence why I haven't posted in a while, listening to music, working, socializing, songwriting, improving legato etc etc, however, I thought of a new monthly featurette I'm going to introduce here and now...

The "Luke Clarke's Blog: Pimp Hand Award", this award will be going to the person or people that most deserve a firm pimp slap to eradicate them from the world for a while.

As a member of various guitar, media, music and general entertainment websites, there has been one person who consistently keeps getting utterly pointless headlines, constantly holding a spot on the homepage now his bands new album is out, his smug, hairy face, ruins my day every time I log on and see another "(April's winner) runs a bar across some railings because the noise made him smile" or how (April's winner) is ranked alongside Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Lemmy in this months "Classic Rock: 100 Greatest Songwriters".

His voice annoys me, his face annoys me, his constant publicity annoys me, his instant "God" status annoys me, and for that reason. Dave Grohl, you win the LCB Pimp Hand Award for April 2011, your pimp slap is in the post, get back in "Them Crooked Vultures" and shut up.

Rant over.
Blog Part 2 Coming Soon

Friday, 8 April 2011

I Keep On Walkin'

Hey Empire

I hope you're doing well, it's the end of the week and I thought you were due another blogging extravaganza and as usual, I shall deliver!

I'm doing well thanks, this week has been a bit of a slog to say the least, for me anyway I'm used to doing 16 - 20 hours a week, but this week I've done 32! That means more wonga though, cause and effect.

I honestly wish there was more to say for this week, but there hasn't been a fat lot going on I've been doing alot of chilling out though, Gaming with my sister on Xbox Live, seeing her gradually improve on GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony, both of us sharing frustration on these missions which I don't recall being as hard as they are, but I must commend Rockstar Games, The Ballad Of Gay Tony & The Lost and Damned were really well made, well paced out add-ons, I love 'em personally.

However, onto what I was going to say, we left the game on pause, and we heard this choir in the menus, so we left it to build up, and it's this amazing ten minute ambient mix, it's beautiful and so soothing, I can't describe it, so here you go, if you go to the actual YouTube page, you can listen to it, or download the full 10 minute MP3, add RainyMood during a late night to really just chill out, or just listen to it as you walk around, it slows the world down. I very rarely say the word "Bliss"

"The MP3 File Was THIS Big, Luis!"

In other news, Rob, over at Rob Cotton's Blag, is seemingly stealing all of my ideas, and it's very nice of him to put a disclaimer of this at the bottom of his little get up, but I tell you lot, his blog is coming along very nicely. It's a great feeling to know that people like Rob and others out there are blogging and using ideas they see here on my blog, which itself had humble beginnings. Big thanks people!

 It's always a pleasure, I'm always thinking away as to what I could write here, this blog serves as more than just a public blog, but as my own personal journal too.

A quick update on Framed, things are going well. I took a couple of my own tracks into practice on Monday, and I seemed to get the vibe that the band really enjoyed them.

Soundscape transition between songs.

Now I've just brought Buckethead & Travis Dickerson's "Left Hanging", the outtakes from Buckethead's "Population Override"album. Population Override is one of my top albums of all time, so I'm rather looking forward to what was actually cut from the album, full review of that and Crysis 2 next blog hopefully!

That's all you're getting for now!
Your pal
Luke Clarke

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Albums Galore!

Albums galore, empire!

This past week at HMV Walsall, there was a blowout sale on some really classic albums, a few of which are pictured here, but most of which cannot be shown, because of how many me and Rob actually brought in this crazy offer, the CD's ranging from £3-£6, which if you ask me, is pretty damn good, and I still love physical media, the feeling of reading the booklets and slipping the disc in and cranking up a new CD, that feeling.

These things were cheaper than they would be on iTunes, pretty cool eh readers?

So, how're we all doing? lovely stuff, onwards and upwards.

This week, I've been listening to alot of music, and I mean a lot (not as much of course as Rob, who hit 50k on Last.FM the other night) alas, where he hits one milestone, I hit another, I reached 1,000 Buckethead plays, the penultimate track being his classic, "Jordan", well chuffed, however that isn't even half of the amount of U2 plays that I have, I love Last FM, I dunno why but when I look at my music after a particularly long listening session, there is a sense of achievement, seeing that number at the top gradually climb, music's great ennit?

So, my surprise albums of the week?
Jay-Z - The Black Album
Pulp - Different Class
Daft Punk - Discovery
KC & The Sunshine Band - The Very Best Of
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres

However, what I want to write about is my biggest disappointment of this stack of albums, I purchased Muse - The Resistance, because of all the lovely things I hear about Muse, all of these years however, I've never listened to them, except "Plug In Baby" which I listened to once or twice eons ago, now onto the main point.

I played this album start to finish, expecting to be dazzled by an alternarock masterpiece by this trio of blokes, however it's quite the opposite, the first track had me, but each consecutive track lost me  because well, it was distinctly over produced and really wasn't what I would class as rock music, it was more of a case of Classical style arrangements played with synthetic instruments by Muse & Friends, I wish I had something more to say about this album, but I just don't, I found it very bland and disappointing considering all of the hype that came with it. Now I might get slammed for this, but sorry lads if you tell me "make a better rock record than this", I think I could because I'd class "The Resistance" under anything but Rock, sure there are some great compositions on there, and with the London Philharmonic, The Resistance would be superb, I think I know what I'm on about, being a connoisseur of King Crimson/Robert Fripp/ProjeKcts...

Lot's of work being done on guitar, some good sounding stuff happening, more in-depth blog coming soon... things for you to click below!

Framed - The band I play in!
My YouTube Channel!
Rob Cotton's Blag
Twitter! - I Always tweet back!
Last FM

That should cover it
Until next time, your pal
Luke Clarke

Saturday, 26 March 2011

For Japan

2011, Japan

The same day that I had the aforementioned seizure of mine, I woke up the next day to footage on Sky News of one of the worst natural disasters that I have ever seen, an earthquake just off the coast of Japan, that measured over 8 (closer to 9) on the Richter scale, which triggered a catastrophic tsunami, which instantly ended the lives of over 10,000 people, and has left a further 17,000 more missing, now readers, I'm no humanitarian, I'm no preacher, I'm no savior and usually this kind of thing doesn't get to me, but this really has.

The sheer scale of it all has been gargantuan, and facts and figures on paper just will never do it justice. I see entire towns on the news that have been wiped out and been replaced with wreckage of homes and boats, entire neighborhoods reduced to muddy lagoons, I found it genuinely hard to watch some of the pictures from Sky News, CNN & BBC News, as I write this, the damage done to the Fukushima nuclear plant and the death toll expected to hit 25,000, it makes me very, very sad.

There's no more I can say without saying too much, you already know the facts, but Japan, my thoughts are with you, and I wish you all the best, I really, really do

Your friend
Luke Clarke

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeding The Rhythm.

Hello Readers!

It has been a while, a while by my standards at least, but please let me explain, things have been pretty bad...

As you all know, I suffer with Photosensitive Epilepsy, and the Thursday before last, I suffered what was without a doubt the worst seizure I've ever had, it lasted around an hour, and I caused myself a lot of injuries as I hit my head and limbs off of everything I could find in my bedroom obviously, when I finally regained consciousness I was in such an amount of pain and discomfort, it was truly like nothing I had ever experienced, seen as I had been talking to my friend Rich on MSN at the time, my sister had alerted him, and he helped me get my head back together when I woke up, what a bloke!

It's fair to say, ten days later, I'm only just starting to recover, but it really showed me how much people cared about me, there was so much love through Facebook, MSN, Twitter and Xbox Live, just people dropping me messages, checking how I was, wishing me well, it really was amazing to know I have these kind of people around me, so thank you all very much for your kind support through what was an insanely hard week or so, it is greatly appreciated!

Now, I'm looking straight ahead, band practice tomorrow and I can't wait!

But this week, there have been some strange goings on, mainly in the sense that alot of old faces have come back to say aloha, some I'd rather have not, some I'm glad of, for instance I had a great mosey on down to Tesco with my friend Manpreet who I haven't seen for a while, plus I've been having mammoth Skype conversations with my friend Kate, and I can't exactly say it would be nice of me to name and shame the people I'd rather have kept their distance, so I won't!

Oh yeah! something new for you here, I'm starting work on a new project I've wanted to do for a long time now, a soundtrack, but not for a film, for 1960's Japanese Cult Icon "Johhny Sokko and his Giant Flying Robot" it's a lot of work, and I'm composing a lot of it myself here at home, based around the 1 melody that plays in every episode, so this is a new project that I shall keep you posted on, really excited about it though I tell ya!

Now, this past week, i've been tweeting back and forth to fellow musician and top bloke Nick Latham, otherwise known as YouTube's "BedroomBassist" and I caught a look at his band on YouTube called Big Door Open, now seen as they're based up north, I haven't literally "Seen" them, but I tell you something guys, Big Door Open have got a sound, a hell of a sound that really got me after listening to a couple of songs, They're gonna be putting out an EP soon, so the best places for Big Door Open based news are all the links below, and I'mma put a video of my favorite song, I'm sure they won't mind!



I tell you, when you look hard enough, there's a world of awesome bands out there, there's another 2 I'm gonna be featuring on here in the future if they'll let me, but it's more prominent than ever, that music is the language that can bring us all together, that binds us all as songwriters, musicians or just plain ol' listeners, so take a look at BDO and just remember, I sent you!

For now, this is all I have to see, I'll be writing soon though I feel, thanks for stopping by and if you messaged me to wish me well, thank you it meant alot

"Each part does the work of that part, and no other."

Catch you later
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fire Up The Keyboard!

We've gone global, hotshots!

Well hello there!

First of all, let me extend my hand for a firm handshake to my readers from across the world, I looked at my stats last night, China, Iran and the Netherlands are racking up a lot of the views, thank you for stopping by and I hope that you've bookmarked me for future reading, that'd be nice, thanks though, I do appreciate every single one of you that come and read what I write, it makes me smile, I know that English may not be your native language and it's nice to think, that it's this page you're reading.

So, for the first time in a long time, I'm writing in the daytime, most of the time I blog at night, or in the early hours in the morning, but after this morning at work I'm sitting here watching Top Gear, and I'm thinking up some ideas for new effects to plonk onto the Boss GT-10, but aye I had some what of an epiphany...

You've seen me write on here about how I was sort of set on the fact that Analog guitar pedals are ultimately superior to digital pedals in every way, thinking that digital pedals always sounded terrible, however, I had only ever owned a Korg AX3000G, which now lies broken under my cupboard, but this Boss GT10 is everything I ever wanted and more and when I run it into my AC30's FX loop, it doesn't sound thin or wimpy or digitized at all, it sounds (I never thought I'd say this) analog.

Big bonus for me is that someone has made a patch for every U2 song and uploaded them, I've got the main sweeping sound from Mysterious Ways, and I've yet to go through the rest, but I've made some of my own personal favorite sounds, so I'm loving how easy it is to use with the software!

There was no band practice last night, but I felt a little rough, so maybe it was for the best, but I ran through the songs, as I have been frantically, because as mentioned in my previous blog, we have a gig soon, and I'll have only had 3 practices with the band so I want to make sure I'm on my game, it's my return to gigging and I want to be on form, really looking forward to what lies ahead for me now I've joined Framed.

I may do some reading today, some more Lovecraft maybe? But then again, I still have a couple of chapters of "Bono on Bono" left, which is a seriously good book, a great insight into a man 99% of people think is an arsehole, it changed what I thought of him, there's some great quotes in there, I picked it up for pretty cheap out of a local book store that was closing down, I recommend it to ya!

But Hey! I've got a few albums to recommend!

Pink Floyd - Animals

Lalo Schifrin - Magnum Force OST

Teddybears STHLM - Rock n Roll Highschool

And if you can get hold of it, my album of the week...
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked

I assure you, it's a great example of collaboration work at it's finest, The Police's Andy Summers and King Crimson's Robert Fripp made one of my favorite instrumental albums, that I've only recently managed to get hold of it!

And on that note folks, that's all you're getting
Take care now, see ya soon!
Your Pal
Luke Clarke