Saturday, 4 July 2009

I've Been Good, ' Cause I Know You Don't Want Me To

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've Not Blogged on this one for a while, Busy with Schizobombadiermania and all that, Well, you;re old pal Luke here again, nice to be back on my own blog for a while, not much has changed since I last wrote, I'm bandless, lost touch with alot of people, met a few new people, gone through some reshuffling of sorts, and well, I've not felt this clear in years, which, Ok I know I've said many times before, But before I start, I'd like to wish Billy Mays a safe passing to the afterlife, May he sell Mighty Putty, Oxi-Clean and Orange Glo to the folks up there watching Micheal Jacksons "This WAS It" concert. It's been a sad couple of weeks, each of us with our own heartfelt Issues with some of these amazing people who have passed in 2009 David Carradine, Micheal Jackson, Billy Mays, may you all Rest in Peace.

Now! You'll all be pleased to know Aftermath, my album is 95% ready for production, just re recording the final track, all album artwork is done, and a few lucky people are getting a copy of the album! I can't wait to hear what feedback I'll get from it, It's a melancholy instrumental journey, no focus on any specific instrument, so i wont call it Guitar instrumentals, but I love the outcome of what I have created.

Just recently I've rediscovered my passion for guitar playing, I've been practising 2 hours a day every day, and I've not felt this kind of passion for a long time, even before Crashpoint, the sound of my Amp, my new found love for Garage rock & Slide guitar, God almighty, I love it!

i've taken a liking to a new kind of Pick too, as you all know I rave about Herdim picks which my good freind Jade Barrow/Alex Borowska introduced me to last year, however i trie a couple of new ones today, Dunlop Jazz III's and Dunlop XH Neon Yellow, I also invested in the highest quality Moonshine Glass Slide, sounds so soft and gritty its brilliant, Although pricy, If you play slide and you want the authentic sound, £20 is somewhat a bargain for smooth hand blown thickened toughened glass...

Also, Due to the suprise UK heatwave i've consumed 32 cans of Coca Cola, for a hint at a part of how many i have drank, heres a reference picture, and invested in a desk fan, guaranteed to barrage you with warm air, keeping watered in this weather cam really cost you!

Anyhoo, I normally finish these things with an inspirational quote or something, however i'll leave you with something, my younger sister, Introduced me to her friend Holly and her friend who is actually a Distant cousin of mine, and these people were fascinated with the way I handled both Guitar & Bass, and they were asking how I did certain things, and it just made me think, the young musicians starting out now, are looking for guidance and inspiration and I can't help but feel I've inspired these guys to follow on to bigger and better things, these people aren't willing to talk to the golden oldies you see rotting on stools in corners of family run Guitar stores who dispense advice like "Yeah", they look at people like myself, real people, who can relate to people's experiences, and these younger kids, if they like what they hear, come back for more advice, more tips and more guidance, and I can't help but feel as if I'm helping the next generation of musicians!

how great is that! :D

Right I'm off, thanks for reading!

Take Care

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