Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Sort Of Homecoming

Hello there!

It's been an awful long time since I last wrote here, I have very little time left on my hand for such formalities such as blogging, but this last week, I've wanted to sit and write what's been going on these past few months, and theres alot to tell, if your in for a classic "Tank Blog" read, this is where it'll be!
So Where do we start? Cast yourself back to august, where I posted I'd be doing a series of holiday blogs while I was away down in Great Yarmouth, which, never really happened, partially because, I wasn't feeling myself that holiday, and I was having an awfully good time, though alot of things I'd rather forget kept running through my mind, and I spent alot of time, secluded, sort of feeling sorry for myself, and I regret it now, I lost touch with what a holiday was, and I sat around being the antisocial displacement I always end up as, skip forward to the 1st of September, my birthday, which I can hardly remember now, nor can I remember what I had as gifts, alas I do remember some fantastic guitar related birthday cards, which made me smile and that's where main events stop right there, until October, when my good friend Scott Groves introduces me to a group of his friends from work, and from there my social life has grown with some of the best people I've drank & quizzed with ever, with running in jokes and dry humor and just a general fantastic atmoshere and It was refreshing meeting all these new people and getting to know them to the point where they are good friends now.
which brings us into November, where myself, CJ Hunt from Crashpoint, a friend of my co-worker Dan Roberts, Chris Crompton, & Rich Shephard Had a jam which went very well, and nothing came from it but an idea of what we'd all like to achieve, in the same month, my friend Scott gave me his spare Xbox 360, due to the fact he missed me and our antics on GTAIV, so now I'm Back on Xbox Live, which is quite nice, not only are my new friends drinking buddies, but gamers too, along with Scott & Dan and the usual cronies, it's nice to have something else to do in my spare time.
Staying with the gaming subject here, I've modded my PSP for some awesome features, like Megadrive/NES/SNES/PS1 Games, which is pretty nifty whilst on the move, and whilst on holiday, I found somewhat of a Gem, a Mint Condition PlayStation 2 with get this 15 Awesome games for a whopping £10, thats not a typo TEN POUNDS, It was a damn good find on a car boot behind a pub, Picked up a nice Dobro Resonator on holiday too, £80, not bad.
Works been average, switching around with the staff, but nothing for me to moan about, I've given up on trying to put in my say in petty superiority arguements, just in it to work and do my best to enjoy it.
Health well, I won't go there, Let's just say I'm still alive.
Again, I'll say I've gone full force into my music again, not so much my solo stuff, but noting down riff's and chord progressions for the old catalogue, they'll come in handy soon enough

So, Readers, Friends, Family, We're nearing the end of what's been a, lets face it, crap 2009, It's December, and this year, time has just slipped away, so many friends I've parted ways with, most of the time for the best, tens of people month after month have disappeared from my life, although there's a hidden sense of longing, there's a reason they aren't around, they're in the past, because they couldn't make it to the future, and there's always a reason for these people departing, kind of sad in a way...
Alas Readers! it is not all doom and gloom! I've taken the inevitable jump and joined the ranks once again of Crashpoint, again as Rhythm Guitarist, I Rejoin them full time after over a year on the 22nd Of December, I can't wait, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them, working with them was a pleasure back then, hence why I'm looking forward to rejoining, big things on the horizon too apparently, but they're keeping things hush at the moment!
Things are picking up nearing the end of what has been my lowest point, but, I'd like to thank EVERYONE this year who has been around when I needed them most, Scott, Dan, Pete, Chris, Toni, Rob, Aimee, Jay, Richard, CJ, Lee, Andy and many many more, not forgetting My Family, Whom I love to bits... Everyone has been fantastic this year, especially when I was low after aprils events and such, New friends, new music, new guitars, new hobbies, this year has bought some good, I'll never regret meeting such awesome people and getting to know them over time, nor having some of the experiences I've had, it's certainly made me a different person, though I don't know wether its for the better...

In case I don't blog again, All the best for this Christmas!

Signing Out, Luke Clarke

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