Monday, 22 March 2010

22nd March 2010: SitRep

Greetings Readers!

I'm not great with intros, so I'll just get straight to the point!

It's been almost three months since I wrote about the passing of my father, how times fly and how things change, at the time, things were going swimmingly musically for me, I had a fair bit of spare cash coming in, Crashpoint was (for the purposes of this blog) ''at it's best".

As the practices and weeks passed, we did a successful show at the Wharf 10 Bar in Walsall, home territory to us all, all of my friends, came along, aswell as a whole bar full of people, we were first up, and we played a very good full band setlist, without our singer Emma, who for a long time had been experiencing the effects of singing full pelt for near on 2 years with the band, and with Richard (Bassist) being constantly told by me to stop telling me when I can and can't play in the songs I helped write back in the day, both members left after this gig, not that I can blame them, but that left us with just 3 members, Myself, Matt Dooner & CJ Hunt, recently I (reluctantly I might add) took over bass, so for the time being we are a three piece, which we were for our last gig mid February, which, believe it or not, we got rave reviews for, as a three piece we sound better, so were gonna run with it...

But Luke! I hear you ask, "what about the mass amount of guitar gear you have? are you quitting guitar?" The answer is no, I'm not giving up guitar for bass, I'm proficient, but not fantastic at both instruments, I'm merely using this as a cool off period while I re-do my guitar rig, after gigging with my pedalboard, seeing some of the other guitar player's pedalboards, and looking and listening to mine, I require some changes on there, I'll try and cut down spending and just build my funds up so I can just go spending, I haven't brought anything guitar related since last November! It's disgusting!

Also, I'll throw in, that I've resumed putting together my solo album, now, renamed "Archives" due to the amount I'm putting onto the thing!

As of recently, I've been back intouch with a dear old friend of mine, we fell out last year, autumn time, and the untimely death of my father, brought her back intouch with me, and it's just like old times, I'd missed her, I've blogged on here about her before, Kate Griffiths she's a great laugh, and it's great to be back in touch with her, which brings me onto something else...

Friends, have become more and more prominent in my life, and I'll tell you now, I have some of the best, and these last few months, they've been great, couldn't ask for any better, thanks guys!

Don't ask about work either....

I'm off on holiday with old freinds Scott Groves, His Brother Pete & Daniel Hill in May, Scott's taking a HD Video Cam, i'll take mine for stills, off to Great Yarmouth, where I'll go remembering alot of stuff me and Dad did on our brilliant holidays, but at the same time, making more memories with the guys!

So, all in all, I'm pretty good, I'll be posting my new Playlist on here for you all to get a look at, plus, I'll try and get a slideshow done of photos from our Gig done, so i can show you all!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again next month or something!

Take Care
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