Thursday, 8 April 2010

When The Story Ends...

Hello Readers!

Welcome to another edition of my returning blog, it's getting late, I've had a couple, and I thought I'd put out another blog, I'd like to focus on the musical side of my life this time around, so prepare for, what to some may be a bore, I like to write about something.

Now recently, I've had tons and tons of ideas, with being Bass player in Crashpoint now, the final touches going onto my experimental album, which I've mentioned on here many a time, but onto my main subject tonight, it's no secret, that I've slacked off on the old guitar for the last few months, most of my time being eaten up by online gaming and doing absolutely nothing...

And this is the thing, this break, gave me lofty thoughts and made me the harshest of myself, it made me realise that my skill has of deteriorated with my lack of practice (durrr) and with a recent visit to PMT Birmingham bargaining for some good friends, I was looking at new gear, and I've sort of given myself a kick up the arse, and really delved back into the guitar, learning new stuff, from tab and by ear, which, is really rewarding, not only am I hearing the improvement, mentally it's given me a confidence boost, I'm keeping a daily log of my progress, in an old exercise book from school, which was empty when I found it, so far, I've noted down all my ideas, It's the kick up the ass I needed to give myself, and I love what I'm doing!

In regards to me playing Guitar in a band, I'm in the final stages of getting a new band together, with people I would never have dreamed would be in the same band as me, ever. I won't mention any names or anything, because honestly, I'd rather keep this close to my chest for now, but yeah, It will be really interesting, and I'm really hyped about it, plus with it being in the summer (June/July-ish) I can upgrade my rig, and TRY and get my singing voice back, a quest for music, branching out is just what I need!

For now, Thanks for reading, get intouch!

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