Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hey everyone.

Another blog on the cards here, I've got my iTunes set on this new fangle-dangled 'Genius' option which makes an entire playlist based off of one song! bloody witchcraft, what I find strange, is that it does it instantly, and gets it spot on every time!

I started it off with King Crimson's "The Court Of The Crimson King", with stuff like M83, Alan J Lipman, Dire Straits, Buckethead & Joe Satriani piling onto the list, I'm in for a hell of a playlist.

anyhoo, this week, I've treated myself to an iPhone 3GS 16GB, which is really snazzy, my iPod was on the fritz and I didn't have a phone either, which seems to be one of the many things people were nagging me to get, yet it's one of these things, I finally get a phone, that people have been telling me I need because they can't get in touch with me and they still have no reason to get in touch with me even when I have a phone, I'm impressed with the thing though it feel substantial in the hand, and it has alot of uses, I'm liking the clarity of the "Voice Memo" feature, especially when I'm twiddling about on a guitar and I come up with something I might usually forget, I can record it, listen to it back, and build on it, I can see why so many people have them!

I looked at my calendar today, and notice were already into August, I mean, bloody hell, where has this year gone? it's just gone so so fast, I mean this month will mark 8 months since I lost my Dad, I find it incredible how the years are just speeding by, I suppose Pink Floyd were right in "Time" - "Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time", that line itself defines modern life, doesn't it? there's just not enough time to do everything, maybe it's a case of making time, I've started doing so, it's everyone else that matters to me, let's be honest, there's nothing left for me.

For anybody interested, I'm still awaiting results for my MRI & Sleep Deprived EEG scans, i'll be sure to let you all know, but I'll be honest, I'm bricking it!

Now just recently, I've caught up with an old friend of mine, Manpreet Bains, she's pointed me in the direction of her new creative project with her friends Amy & Sam Hudson, entitled PuppetRage, these guys have got alto of potential, at least I think they have, I do say, go and check them out, because later in the year we've got plans to be merging some of my music with their lyrics, which will be a separate project from Archives & Light and Motion, keep your eyes & ears open, trust me on this one

A bit of a sitrep on my Archives project, works kind of halted for now, I'm awaiting a Boss GT10 so I can continue to record some of this newer material in better quality, with new sounds that I couldn't get with my current set up, expect some different stuff, but for now there are some tasters here!

for now, goodnight!
your pal

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