Saturday, 30 October 2010

Heartaches By The Numbers

So, it's been a while since I last wrote, it's a lazy Saturday afternoon, what better way to fill my time, than to write to you lot!

So, I hear you ask, "what's gone down in this last month or so Luke, tell us your tales of conquering the music world!"

In a word, nothing, nothing more has happened in the last month, Production on my solo album has stopped, purely because I have no real urge to carry on with it anymore, if I'm to play & write music, the only environment I want to do it in, is within a solid band, which brings us onto my next topic, bands, of course, I told you of how great my previous band "Light & Motion" is/was, from what I can gather, at the moment it's more on hold than over, however there's a new project coming up, which I'm quite looking forward too, it's more of a jam for the time being, but if it works, I'd definitely like to take it further, by looking for a singer, and depending on the sound either a rhythm guitarist or keyboard player, at the moment the lineup is Myself doing lead guitar duties, Jay doing bass duties (lead bass, let's be honest here) and Curt (previously crashpoint) on drums, I'll keep you filled in, empire.

so, what else is going on in the bearded-flannel-habisky-sunglasses-tomahawk slinging-bear hunting world? well me and my mate Maccie are planning to start up, as soon as I can afford a ruddy new camera, with our oddball personalities, talking subjects and answering Q&A's and...well, throwing anything into the videos we can, they'll be a bit more than vlogs, but I'm looking forward to that project, as soon as I get this bloody camera, I have Final Cut Express which is pretty awesome, I just wish Virgin Media would sort out my upload speed, I'd be getting it sooner (the camera), but I need to do some maintenance on my pedalboard, power block, tuner, etc...

My advice? if you like money, don't learn to play the guitar!

Taking up a fair bit of my time just lately has been the new addition to the Fallout franchise 'New Vegas' and the latest addon for Red Dead Redemption 'Undead Nightmare' words fail to describe how good both of them are, there is actually one word...

Do I need to say it?

If you want to follow my mate Maccie, he doesn't blog that much, but he's a hell of a character, go here >

Also my mate Lewis Foster, is doing 2011's photograph-a-day challenge, with him being a photographer, take a look at his blog for obscure ramblings >

Ring-a-ding, baby!

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  1. Obscure ramblings for the epic win :P Thanks for the point out, I'll be sure to give you one too in today's rant about fireworks.