Monday, 31 May 2010

Take Today, Make It Tomorrow

Hi Everyone!

It's that time, where I actually take the energy of the day and channel it into a chunk of writing, which most of the time I call my blog!

to start off, me posting links to this on Facebook has really brought in alot of new readers, so welcome! and take a look through the archives, you never know what you might find!

as you all know, this years been absolutely mad! It's flown and alot has been going down, moreso this last month more than ever, I've been to great yarmouth with Scott & Peter Groves, and without THE mardiest, most miserable, awkward nerd you'll ever meet, Dan Hill, was a laugh, for every five minutes the douche didn't moan, not that I'll moan, Scott & Pete were such a laugh, and we were simply ignoring him, which was also, "fun" a term which he hasn't grasped yet...

also! as I mentioned in a previous blog, My new band has kicked off!
Light & Motion is the name we've decided on, and so far, we've had a couple of jams and theres an energy, a flow in the music that I've not felt in a band for bloody yonks, and It's certainly enlightening, that I played an idea that I'd had knocking about for ages, and straight off the bat it worked, I've really had the chance here to just work directly with all the members, last week for example, laughing, joking,Myself, Laura & Dan gathered around the drumkit, where our drummer Kim was, we were working off of each other, making daft faces when making a mistake, it's a band, the true spirit of a band, and after 2 sessions, to have the bare bones of a song down, is cool, I'm over the moon with that!

As you can see above, theres been a noticable addition to my arsenal of effects!
The one..
The only

I've been looking at these for years, I took the £160 plunge, and I think it's worth every penny, from RATM, to Buckethead, to U2 this thing is used all over the place, with pitch shifting, lovely chorus effect and intelligent on demand harmonies, it's a lovely toy, and I can see why people have it on their boards!

Now, about now, I'd like to say, I've been spending alot, because, well, I can, I've spent alot of time in my life, contemplating over decisions, and then regretting taking too long and the like, I know "wise men say only fools rush in" however, I've sort of been mulling over the way I do things, and as I just mentioned, I've taken alot of time just thinking and not enough "doing", and well, with what happened with Dad and how fast 2010 is going by, it's times that you realise, you have to think about the important things, and just follow impulse for the little things, remember my old obsession for the "Zoo TV/Achtung" Era of U2's experimental stage, more prominently the phrase "Smell the flowers like you can" now I'm a few years older, and I've experienced more of life, all the bad, all the good, but there's so much to come, but its so true, you have to take what you can, when you can, before its too late.
I know for a fact, I'm not the cleverest, I'm not the best looking and I'm not the most charming or skilled of people, I'll give you that sandwich of info for free, but I dunno, I'm real happy with how things are going, I've got some awesome friends, I enjoy what I do with my life and right now, I don't know where I'd rather be...

I got asked the other day about Love, the truth is I'm not looking for it right now, however, I know the right person is there somewhere, and maybe further on up the line, I'll find her and it'll work, sure, I've got someone in my head right now, but that's for another time!

To Conclude, thanks for reading, I'll put one of my playlists up soon!
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