Monday, 5 July 2010

Laughing In The Face Of Love

Hey Everyone!

The other day, somebody accused me of plagarism in some of my work, when I showed them a coupel of my new riffs, and song ideas, frankly, it's a bold accusation, yes, I do draw inspiration from the artists I listen to, but I would never steal work from them, thats illegal!

However, where we are now, 2010, nothing is original, so I say steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination, when all is said and done, It's not where you take it from, It's where you take it to...

I'm Luke Clarke and welcome to another edition of my blog, it's been a bit of a while since I last wrote, which I apologise for, I've been awfully busy, under the weather, and pre-occupied with a number of things, so I've sat down in order to write, without drafting my blogs like I normally do...

Let me start off by saying these past couple of months have been difficult for me, to say the least, as most of my long term readers and close friends will know, I struggle with photosensitive epilepsy, and I never shut up about it at times, however just lately, the effect the medication is having on me is pretty bad and my Mom let me in on the fact that a couple of years back, my doctors told her the incredible amount of knocks on the head i've taken may be the cause of it, and any further mental problems I may encounter, she let me in on this and it kinda makes sense, yet in another daunts me, mainly because the symptoms i've been experiencing have scared even me, big ol' me who sort of stands up to everything, continually walking on, making what I can of a situation, alas recent symptoms have sort of kicked me back and made me realize that I can't do everything anymore, severe amnesia, extremely deep prolonged periods of sleep, spontaneous blurred vision, slurred speech, depression, the list goes on, and I'm feeling at my lowest, if only 2007 Luke had known what was to come, maybe he wouldn't have taken what he had for granted...

onto lighter news, I'm the proud owner of a Gibson Les Paul Custom Buckethead Signature, one of few it seems, as I'm told they're in limited numbers worldwide, it set me back a hefty £1899, which I'll be paying off for a while to come, but I love the tone of this thing, through my AC30, with all my effects, it sounds great, take a look at my collaboration with a you-tuber below!

3:00 Whammy & Killswitch Ftw!

onto the band, Light & Motion, we ousted Mr. Crap, and replaced him with a good friend of mine Jay on guitar, and we've got alot more energy flowing around now, one song finished, all but lyrics, which I'm working on as we speak, It's sort of a mid paced arena rocker, taken alot of messing about, but it's come together quite nicely.

staying on the musical topic, to guitar playing, I've taken a step back recently and looked at my direction to playing, I'm not that great, but I know and use alot of good techniques, I can't walk into a room and say "Hey, I'm going to be creative." But what can I do to walk into the room so that I might stand a better chance of being in a creative moment? Well, using those four clever but mysterious words, if I walk into a room with my hands functioning automatically, superbly well, efficiently with no energy wasted, with me in a relaxed and alert condition with my attention engaged, something becomes possible. So. That's what we can do. But until we actually experiment with that and work with it and build up information and experience, they're only bright words.

Looking further afield, from my inspiration U2's The Edge, to people such as Peter Frampton, Chris Rea, Robert Fripp & Buckethead, It's obvious that the 6 years i've been playing, isn't a drop in the ocean compared to these guys, sure, I may lack capabilities now, but I do not intend to stop playing any time soon, even if i seem to be having alot of senior moments at age 19!

It's just the quest of looking for my sound, my style, maybe its a hybrid of all of my favourite players? the Percussive Delay of Edge, the melodic works of Peter Frampton, and how he somehow manages to play out of key and it still works, the slide work of Chris Rea, the ambient works of Robert Fripp and the chaotic playing of Buckethead... who knows.

Now, it's been 6 months, already since we lost my Dad, Ray, I miss him like hell, just the little things, recent events he would have loved, the guitar work, the band, my philosophical ramblings, my growing confidence, I still wish he were here, right at my side like he always was, he told me he wanted me to go far with music, and I still intend to do him proud, now I'm writing this with tears in my eyes and I always remember how he would do anything for anyone, I'm trying to do that for the people I know, trying to be the good guy, as crap as I feel, I feel I have some of the best friends and close family members I could ask for, the pub gang, the band, they're all so so close to me, and I thank them all for being so supportive...

I'm just glad I never took anything my Dad did for granted, and glad I appreciate what I have left...

Thanks for reading you lot!

This Is Luke Clarke, out!

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