Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Double Cross.

So, yeah, you know when I said I was calling it quits?

Well it was a load of bullshit.

Here I am again, the hour is late and this is where the good stuff happens, I thought I'd dust this page off and write a piece.

There's a nagging feeling going on and here, I realize that I can just give a non-professional view on everything, here's a heads up on what's been going down, because steadily I've been getting views which is puzzling, so now I can fill in the gaps in what has been going down away from Framed and DFWTB.

So, I hope you're all doing well, it's been a while since I bumped into you and a lot has happened since, there's bits of everything, I need to flick through my previous blogs...

So with the band, there was a bit of a slump after our superb gig at The Actress & Bishop, morale was low, and Joe, my co-guitar slinger was really on the verge of calling it quits, but now we have focus towards the Framed album (yet to be named), we're running on all cylinders, and it seems that the new material that we are doing is utterly fantastic, I really feel privileged to be a part of this band, as different as all of our styles are, we put it all together in a way that works so well.

As crap as I may feel, all of them understand and it's brilliant that they have these concerns about my health and help me feel a bit more positive about almost any situation, however, band practice fixes everything, I get to drop everything and just play, always a pleasure.

Expect big things from us, we're putting everything into this.

So yeah, DFWTB, our three-man gaming blog, I love writing about the games industry, and what I've been playing and what I think about what I play. Video games are a nice break from everything else and have provided all three of us with some fantastic memories.

This September, we will be heading to GAMEfest at the NEC in Birmingham, to do a little bit of amateur journalism, to see the buzz that everyone gets from gaming is something I'm looking forward to.

However we are looking for more writers, so get in touch with us on Twitter

Now I've not been all that well,  the main thing being having two epileptic fits in the last few months, which have knocked me about something rotten, one happened while me and the guys were recording a podcast for DFWTB, and sadly my mic picked up the whole thing, it scared me, I can only thank Chris & Rob for their reaction, and getting me sorted out from miles away, two guys I value as two of my closest friends, with good reason aswell.

On the whole, I remain as positive as I can, though with my legs getting a bit wobbly and how I seem to be getting tired very easily, are the next things I need to address, I'll keep you posted.

Luke's Word

As people in the world come and go, it's not hard to hold on to the people that matter to you most, far too many people take friendship for granted, I'm very lucky to know the people that I do and I pretty much go out of my way for all of them to help them out.

I respect all of my close friends, for the reason that they treat me no differently because of my health conditions, they respect me as much as I do, them. I'm so glad that even though they know that, sure I could have a fit at any time, I never get cast out of social gatherings or activities.

Life is made that bit easier, because of the people around you, don't forget that.

Thank you all, so much for reading, be sure to check out the links below for all related links to myself, Framed and DFWTB

Framed Official Webpage

Thanks again.
Your Pal.

Luke Clarke

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