Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It all starts with a beautiful girl...

Hello empire.

This week has been...eventful, lets say, a lot of time has been spent thinking about where I am at in life, which seems to be a recurring theme on this blog as or recent.

But because life is busy, and causes turn into effects I'm left here in limbo, because I don't tend to take sides all that much, and I get stuck in the void of lounging, with laid back jazz.

But when I do make decisions, more times often than not they're really bad. Infact I take that back, Really fucking bad.

So, yeah, Framed haven't practiced for a while, with some of us gallivanting all over the place, and I've taken a step back from playing 2 hours a day, just taking time to take in more music and catch up with friends, it's not got me down, because I'm getting a grasp on some new riffs and shit, it's a recurring thing that happens every so often, I back off the pedal a bit and just practice when the mood takes me, all casual like...

So, this week, usual hours at work, mashing away on Dead Island, a game which I picked up last week, I'm sure we'll be reviewing it over on our other blog.

I'm not really doing the humungous posts so much anymore, neither am I clear of thought so much these days, mainly because my thought path seems to be very cloudy, It's like being drunk but not pleasant, I'm finding it very hard concentrate at the moment is the problem.

So, Luke, I hear you say with slight inquisition, what started with a beautiful girl?
The sad truth is nothing, although if you're a close friend, you'll know, but I thought it was an apt title for the mood I'm in, I got home last night, I sat in my kitchen and drank some whiskey while I received various text messages on my telephonic device. I can only imagine it sounds very cliché that I drown my sorrows under a dim light to the sound of light jazz, but it's how I like it so...nyerrr

On a lighter note, got some new great albums in my collection, and some decent writeups to do on other bands, I'll get around to that when I can think without my face hurting.

Some App reviews aswell, there's some good shit coming out over the next month or so!

See you soon

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