Monday, 23 January 2012

The first blog of 2012!

Hello empire!

You still here?

I do hope so.

So, yes, here we are, 2012. First things first, apologies for not writing for a long time, I've honestly had no urge whatsoever to write about anything, but I'mm in a mindset now where I think I can write on the same personal level I used to write in!

Last year was a year of definite change for me, alot of stuff happened and thankfully, most of it was for the better, see my 2011 blog for more info!

Now mentally, I'm feeling great, which is a plus, however it is time for me to get out of my frankly pathetic job at Farmfoods, and try to get a job somewhere more respectable, and where the management have a clue what they're doing, it's not my place to criticize however, because I'm very unprofessional, and essentially work on an "It'll do" policy, if it gets done, it gets done!

I've been up to an awful lot since I last wrote here, a big bunch of gigs with Framed, exciting stuff, I got a whole lot of new equipment, musically a lot of shit happened, I direct you towards mine & Joe's blogs on the official website to get clued up on everything! Trust me you'll love it.

Aside from possible concussion, I've been keeping ok, a lot of good vibes coming off our last gig at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham, then we got another new track going at rehearsal last night, so I'm feeling good, also feeling a lot of improvement on guitar which is double-good.

Double-good, I like that...below is a link to listen to the whole gig, courtesy of Matt's iPhone.


I'm looking forward to what's to come this year, more gigs, recording the album, Global Onslaught coming to one of said gigs get stuff for their promotion website, Gamefest in September, the new guitar Joe's making for me, my Marshall Mode 4 actually working and many more I assure you.

I hope to revive this page somewhat, doing some more frequent posts, maybe weekly? who knows.

All I know is, with everything I've had on my plate, I've kept on going and I intend to keep carrying on with what I do

And for now, that will do!

Thanks for reading

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