Monday, 20 February 2012

Stranger on the shore...

Hello empire!

How're you all doing? Well I hope...

So, here I am sat idling in my awesome room, and I thought now would be a perfect time to write a blog to y'all!

Had quite a rough few months now, as any close friends will tell you. Everybody is telling me that since my Dad died two years ago, they've seen my personality just go downhill. I've only really started noticing it recently, last October specifically, I've noticed everything gradually draining out of me, all of a sudden I'm not able to concentrate on guitar playing & songwriting, and all motivation to do anything has disappeared completely, after talking to Kim, the best drummer in the world, who just happens to know what she's on about on this kind of topic, advised me to head to the quacks, which I did today.

I was told by the good doctor, that I'm showing the symptoms of depression, and I've been booked in to see the specialist who comes into my local surgery. He went on to say that it would explain alot of the things I'd been telling him, so I hope this is the first step towards getting myself fixed. I need to...

I think it's holding me back completely,which is why I need to get out of it.

It would make sense, that it's the reason I can't play any better on guitar, that I lack the concentration to sit and practice, the reason I struggle to talk fluently...

It all makes sense...

In lighter news, myself and the best band in the world, Framed, continue to throw it down, and do what we do best, today Joe sent me a stonker of a track, which sounds like musical gold.

We have 2 gigs lined up March 1st @ The O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham, and April 7th @ The Ballroom (The End), also in Birmingham. B there, B cool!

Time for a redesign I think...

tl;dr - I'm a fed up

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you right back here soon!

Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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  1. Missed your blog posts. Luke. It's exciting you're back on here - hope to read some more soon! :)