Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good...

Evening All...

It's a warm evening here in the technological haven that is my room, its approximately 11:09pm, and I'm awfully excited about what's going on at the moment, so much is unfolding around me, here in my own little world, where I type ominously to you lot week in week out, I feel i'm not keeping a diary, I'm giving a changeable sit-rep, a reader got intouch with me the other day, they know who they are, they said...

"Hi Luke, I've been an avid reader of your blog since day one over on myspace, i'd just like to thank you, i've looked into every album and film you've ever recommended, in turn, each opened up a different world, I've since strayed from the fads everyone else likes, to a nostalgic world of happy go lucky music and innovative films, this all feels a bit weird to be typing, but thanks, thanks so much for keeping this thing going"

It was nice to open my inbox to that, avid reader, thank you for getting in touch, again re-assuring words from readers who've stuck around, just to check up on me!

Next week, brings forth some more nostalgia for me on a personal level, my previous band Crashpoint have asked me to cover bass for them at, without a doubt one of the biggest gigs i've played, the Mono Bar in Birmingham, I'm a Jack of all trades, Master of none, and as you may or may not know, I'm a dab hand at Bass, and I haven't forgotten any of the material, as Bass goes, it's never been at the forefront of music for me, But looking at who has inspired me to play bass, people like Les Claypool, Adam Clayton & Lemmy Kilmister come to mind, and i try to mix and match Slap bass and standard fingerpicking styles to some success,gee, it'll be nice to work with them again, albeit for one evening.

in other news, this week is E3 week, The Gamers Equivalent to the Chelsea Flower Show, all the big guns come out to show their wares, and Below is a list of what Sony had to announce with provided release dates...

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves - Late 2009/2010
God of War III - 2010
Final Fantasy 13 & 14 (14 Being Exclusive) - 2010
MAG (Huge FPS 128 a team shooter) - This Autumn
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker (True Sequel) - 2010
Metal Gear Solid : Rising (Spin Off) - 2010
Resident Evil: Portable - 2010
ModNation Racers (LittleBig Planet Meets Mario Kart) - 2010
The Last Guardian (Team ICO's Big one) - No Date Given
Final Fantasy 7 (PSone On the PS Store) - Due Shortly

I'm truly stoked for each and every one of these titles, mainly the Metal Gear Solid titles, Kojima Never Disappoints, I can't wait to see what 2010 is going to do for the gaming industry, being only 18, I've seen the evolution of gaming, from 4 people huddled round an N64 playing 007 Goldeneye, to what will be 256 people all connected across the globe via the internet, with real life looking graphics, what does the future hold for gaming? VR Training?

for the full heads up of E3, head over to Gamespot - www.gamespot.com 
they have live blogs which stay active on each conference, it's really a great place to get all your gaming needs...

That'll do for now, Speak To Y'all Soon!

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