Monday, 15 November 2010


Hey Empire

Welcome to another edition of my blog. we're nearly at 500 views now, and I'm getting a lot of great feedback, I'm loving it all and I appreciate each one of you that comes back to read my crap!

Now hey hey hey, Pie & Mash, the new band kicked off a week or so ago, and the week just gone, one of my solo pieces made the grade and it's pretty much our first track, but I'm really feeling the vibe, Jay's got a really ferocious playing style, I've sort of moved on to a point where I can do bits and dabs of everything, CJ seems to be in his element too, being able to put drums to nie-on everything we jam, so it's sounding pretty cool, alas, were in need of a name, me & Jay have thought of "Release The Kraken!!" (Exclamation marks COMPLETELY neccesary) or "Calculon!"

"You dig?"

So yeah, great news this week, I did what a few years back society would have classed as taboo, I... "Met someone from the internet."


Yeah, I hooked up in town with Maccie, who I know from Xbox Live, and Kay, a friend from Facebook, laughs were had, and the weather stayed relatively nice for us, it was nice to get out and meet some new people, safe to say, we'll be meeting up again soon, this Wednesday actually, to go and see Jackass 3D, with Maccie, Kay, Tommy & Husted, which should be a laugh! Look forward to it, They're genuinely great people, easy to talk to, easy to get on with, and they're all blog readers! Wotcha!

Onto a revelation I had at last practice when I blew up an all valve 100w Marshall, I REALLY love my current guitar tone, and before I was a tad hesitant to buy the Line 6 DL4 Behemoth, because I heard it really sucked the tone of your rig, but quite opposite, the lush subtle tape delay I have on, that trails away after my notes, or the percussive rhythm delay, all of it sounds utterly brilliant, I love my sound and I think the guys in the band do too, I've certainly evolved as a player, yet I don't forget about the stuff which springboarded me, U2 stuff mainly, because I still to this day love the sounds The Edge gets out of his immense set up, and I'll never forget the hours I spent perfecting his sound with my budget rig, because it's helped me to develop the sound I have now, which I love to bits, onwards and upwards, to 6 finger tapping!

Now you're here, I need you to me and some of my mates a favour, below, I've posted a couple of clickable doowhatsits for you to be clicking, they're links to two of my closest friends blogs', they've just started up, my mate Rob (The Indifference Gamer) and Chris (8-Bits Of Retro) are new to the game, and where as I'm not so much a seasoned veteran of the blogging world, if you follow me, follow them, they're great, and they intend to keep their shit updated!

Just a short blog anyway this time around!


Clickety Click! Up high for Rob's Indifferent outlook on today's video game news Below for Chris' Flick through the history books of gaming

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