Sunday, 28 November 2010

Banging your heart against some mad buggers wall

Hey Empire!

As you've probably heard in me rambling in the above video, we hit 500 views last week, how about that, and now, we are inching gradually closer to 600, it's phenomenal to see that we have readers not only here in the UK, but in the US, Russia, United Arab Emirates, even Vietnam we have a couple of readers! I am truly astounded by how many people have stuck with this blog and continued to read it, so thank you all very very much!

In this blog, I'm gonna tackle an issue I've wanted to tackle, but haven't tackled directly.

Do guitars have their own personalities?

My answer is a solid yes, each of my guitars put's me in a different state of mind, for instance, If I play my Buckethead Les Paul Custom, I'm more ready to do big stretches, multiple finger tapping and make good use of the arcade button killswitches, but then if I play my Epiphone SG400 Custom, I augment my playing to suit it's darker sound, because I find it's more often suited to 70's classic/prog rock, which is great for those vintage tones, so it's all about what you want to play, the way I see it is, If I've hit a wall in terms of coming up with riffs, song ideas etc, then, I whip out another guitar, and suddenly the ideas flow like Niagara Falls, like yesterday, after a long long time, I switched to my Tokai Telecaster, the ruiner of my collection, but I plug it in, the strap low-slung, suddenly I'm whacking out some new riffs and stuff, it's a fantastic thing that, sure physically they are just pieces of wood with bits and pieces attached, but it's more, each makes an impression on the player, and I like that...yeah.

Hey, did y'all catch this week's Black Friday sale on Xbox Live? slam the door and call me Ted! some of the deals on there were a steal! For Around 9 I picked up some great games! GTA: San Andreas, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, 'Splosion Man, were just some of the games on offer, along with Tropico 3 & Silent Hill Homecoming, AND Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit & Assassins Creed: Brotherhood still to complete, I won't be without games for a while! hopefully until Duke Nukem Forever

I can't remember how many of you exactly voted on the Band Name Poll last week but here are the results

Release The Kraken! (50%)
Calculon (40%)
The Walsall Box Company (10%)

Were still discussing options...Alas, I've got alot of bastard-big ideas, I hope with the others' co-operation, I can put them into motion, I want to see this one through, after all these years, I want this one to work, I know music is my calling, because everyday I get in at least an hours guitar practice, It's something that I've put first for a long time, I love music, I hope with JB & CJH's help, I can take this band further than any other, It's when I'm at my happiest, and when I can forget about all my health issues and just let go...

Anyhow, just a shorty this time rabble, I'll write another later in the week!
Ring-A-Ding Baby!

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  1. Funnily enough work's closed today with the sheer cold so I'm huddled with a cuppa meself :P Grats mate!