Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mixing the bitter, with the sweet

Wotcha Blog-readers!

Welcome to another edition of my blog, let's try and get back on track here, I've got the night free, and there's alot to fill you all in on, which is a change, life has been somewhat, turbulent for me healthwise, I'm at around 75-80% at the moment, I'm still recovering from a seizure I had a fortnight ago, however, I refuse to let it hold me back, so i've been giving life both barrels, and just doing things the way I want them to be done.

First off, in the last post, I talked about meeting up with some Facebook Friends of mine, Maccie & Kay, and last wednesday, I met up with those two, and two more, Tommy & Husted, we went to see Jackass 3D, and we ended up in The Imperial afterwards, I tell you something, I had a right laugh with these guys, sadly Husted had to leave before we hit the pub, but either way, I really enjoyed just having a laugh with these guys, what really touched me, is that they all said to me, in plain english that they had been wanting to meet me for a long time, and that it was such a pleasure to do so, and at that statement alone, I felt incredibly humbled, that again, with this group of people whom I'd conversed with only on Facebook, Xbox Live & MSN, I'd only really just met in the flesh, I'd gelled with them so well, and we all seemed to laugh and joke as if we'd known each other for a long time, so thank you all for a superb day out, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and we must do it again sometime.

Now at times, my state of mind can really knock my confidence, but when I take a step back and say, "Hang on, look at this, you've got all these friends you had before, you've stumbled upon these equally awesome new friends, and they really like you for who you are (most of the time)". It's a real boost for confidence, and at times it's what I need, I think we all do, It's great to be surrounded my such great people, so I can only hope I can continue to do so!

Onto the next topic my new band, which is yet to be named!

Last night, we had practice, and we whacked out 2 brand new tracks, which quite frankly came from just ideas I had knocking around upstairs, I threw them out, and I'll say this, they really kicked, it's really intense stuff that just grabbed me straight off, and even CJ said to me that he thinks this is some of the best stuff we've ever done, opposed to Crashpoint's Post-Punk/Rock vibe, this is more Avant-Garde/Stoner rock, which is sounding ruddy superb, I'm awfuly glad to say that Crashpoint is well and truly behind us now, I love the vibes of this band, I'm loving the spontaneity of the whole thing, and what were turning into songs seems to be these vast sounding songs for just a 3 piece band...

Alas, we have no singer yet, nor a name, I'm adding a poll to the top of the page this week for the band name choices we have on the cards right now, I think for now, were hoping to god that 2011, could be our year, and the positions that we are all in seem to point in the direction that we can get there, if we really work our arses off for it, and I'm willing to, we've hit that creative nerve, it's converting the blood flow into a listenable structure, and the material is malleable enough to do so, fingers crossed guys!

anyway, I've been doing a lot of chopping & changing this week with my rig, starting by putting some fresh .9 Gauge strings on the Gibson Les Paul Buckethead Signature guitar.

I've been rubbing fast-fret on them (stuff of witchcraft which makes your strings feel like new) before and after I play it, and I'm finding .9's much easier to play, so they may well be my string of choice for the future!

in other news, the EHX Big Muff has been demoted, and the Dunlop Crybaby Wah has been plonked in it's correct place, I'm really loving my tone at the moment, I can't wait for the day I can put recordings on a flash player on here!

On that note, I think that's me about done for now, I'm gonna go and tuck into my lasagna, note for the arseholes who have been hate-mailing me below!

Thanks for reading!
Ring-a-ding, baby!

On a serious note, that I very rarely take here on LCB, I've been getting a lot of harsh criticisms, in terms of what I write about my gear, claiming that I boast about what I have, that I continue to rub it in and be 'smug' as one reader put it, let it be made perfectly clear right here, for the last 6-7+ years I've been playing guitar, I'll be honest, my family have never been fortunate, it wasn't until I got a job and started earning my own money that I was able to get out there and start upgrading all of my guitar equipment, I've brought everything I own, with my own hard earned wonga and I'll be brutally honest here, I'm very proud of it all, it's all stuff I've worked hard for, that I'm passionate about. When I open up the cases & bags, and plug in, or clap eyes on any of my gear, I'm the happiest man on the planet.

For a second time, I'll be brutally honest, I don't take kindly to being insulted, over what honestly seems to be petty jealousy or general ass-hattery, and 9 times out of 10, I'm bigger than you, and can probably bugger you with a buggering stick, these messages I received not only upset and angered me, but also disappointed me, if you intend to carry on I can go about getting you blocked from this page, and associating with me in every way except from face-to-face, where I prefer to hear my criticisms, got it?

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