Monday, 12 March 2012

Luke's Word: Early March

Hey everyone!

We start on a sad note...

When my powersupply failed at The O2 Academy 3, the pedalboard lost a member...

Onwards and upwards!

My new powersupply arrived and its awesome, my new stretchy Levy's strap from Canada arrived, that too, is awesome, I'm feeling good on my Citalopram, things are shaping up nicely for the time being!

However, I'm saddened to see the situation that has escalated with UK game retailer...erm...GAME. It seems the wheels have fallen off for them, which is a shame, because as offputting as the staff may have been when hassling me to pre-order Modern Shovelware 3, (which I didn't, naturally), it was a nice shop, always had some nice offers, great range of games, and last year, the phenominal GAMEFest that went on at the NEC in Birmingham!

Gamestation is going down too, remember.

What does that leave? Not much!

Gamestop won't take off anytime soon, unless they buyout GAME in the next week or so. HMV will be gone by this time next year... And Supermarkets lack range, decent prices and everything that make going into game shops, great for gamers!

We saw Zavvi, Woolies and many more go under, personally I think we could be in the era where high street physical media dies off...which is a damn shame, why?

I'm gonna tell you a story!

When I was younger, we never had much money, and I always appreciated what little I got so much, which is why I love to spend what I earn now, but I remember the day my Dad bought home a special edition Pokémon Nintendo 64, with Mario Kart 64, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and Pokémon Snap.

Take into consideration that for all the years I'd done any gaming up to that point, were done just on a Sega Megadrive, then when he walked through the door with this box, I looked at all of these 3D graphics on the box, and I was amazed, I've never set anything up as quick as I did this console.

As I was saying, I had friends bugging me, that the PlayStation was better, that it was a baby's toy, but what they didn't realize was how much it meant to me, because of how little we had in our house.

Now every so often, I'd get £5 or £10 to spend on a game, and that meant going to a gameshop of somesorts, this was at the time where I hadn't ever used, nor needed the internet, so I only knew about the games via what friends said, however when faced with...

I'd only ever be able to buy one, I'd pick one, and going to the gameshop, browsing around, picking out a game, clutching it all the way home, reading the instruction manual until I got home, rushed upstairs, clacked that cartridge straight in and powered up.

Going to the gameshop was something I always looked forward to, to have somewhere dedicated to one form of physical media, like Virgin had the music, Blockbuster had the movies and now there places popping up that solely sold games for each and every console you could think of.

Now I understand in this day and age, kids with their Nintendo DS's, Xbox 360's. Playstation 3's seem to be getting what they want, when they want via the internet, thanks to gullible parents, however, instead of it being £5 or £10, it's £40 and upwards in some cases, but I'm sure somewhere, that there are kids who are like I was.

Looking forward to the Saturday morning when I'd be able to go and look at games with the possibility of buying one, sitting in the car or on the bus on the way home, itching to get back home to play it. And to think that experience would be gone is kind of sad, that there will be no more places to go other than Tesco or Asda where they'll have FIFA '09 still priced up at £39.99.

I'd love to see Gamestop buy GAME out, just something to keep the physical media industry going, for saddos like me!

Quite a sad rambling really
Thanks so much for reading one of my many memories!

Your Pal

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