Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ten fathoms deep on the road to hell.

Hello and welcome to another one of my anniversary posts!

We flew way over the 6,000 views mark the other day, and this is my 90th post, so I thought I'd make my usual blog about it!

Thanks for coming back time after time to read what I write, it seriously does mean a lot to have people commenting back to me, telling me how much they enjoy everything I post. By no means can I be considered popular on the blogging scene, but it goes to show that there people out there who come back and read what I write, I do have readers across the world, so yeah, thanks :D

Anyway, how're you all doing? Well I hope, if not I'll come and give you the warmest, nicest hug you could ever want and hope that makes things slightly better for you, we all come across our own obstacles, and eventually someone or something comes and shows you the path to making it all better.

So, what have I been up to for the last few days since I wrote you? Well, I bought a shitload of new clothes off eBay, because I don't do shopping, I find it to be mundane and truly time consuming with very little to show for it, and when you're a simpleton like me, who only has long sleeved black T-Shirts, jeans, cheap trainers and expensive sunglasses, it's much easier to order everything online and not have to worry about if the shop has the right size of the thing you want...nice and simple!

2 weeks into my Citalopram routine, I'm feeling chirpier, I won't say 100% though because everything that I had pushed to the back of my mind has just been brought right into the spotlight, so my head has been buzzing all over the place, and I've just had this ruthless amount of energy and nothing to really do with it, just lots of positivity combined with everything else, and a love interest, I've just been all over the place...hoping, wishing...

I'll be honest, not much else has gone down, but my SoundCloud page has had a real surge in the last week or so, with hundreds of people downloading all of my free tracks, which is really cool, because naturally, I'm a guitarist, I love the guitar-orientated music that I play in Framed, but away from the band, I have a lot of time to just sit here, where I enjoy doing more electronic based music, using my humble setup of a USB Midi keyboard, Logic Pro, a couple of VST add-ons and my lovely headphones, I can just sit and make up tracks that you wouldn't even begin to associate with me. I'm a huge fan of creating atmosphere with my music, listening to unhealthy amounts of Brian Eno's "Ambient" series, and various other film & video game scores has given me such a broad mental scope of sounds I can hear and try to put down.

Take a listen to that, you might like it!

Now it's 3am, I haven't a clue if I'm meant to be in work in 5 hours or not, so I'll improvise!

Also, if you ever want to do a collab or anything on a bit of music, drop me a tweet @Luke_Framed
Or e-mail me:
Or Skype me: lukeclarkeblog
I work primarily with Logic Pro, but do have access to Reaper if needed!

That's it from me!
Thanks so much for reading

I'll see you right back here again soon!


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