Saturday, 9 May 2009

Aftermath In Final Stages

Hey Everyone.

A Quick Update from the home studio, for the last year or so, i've been working on and off a project called Aftermath, which is me essentially messing about with a couple of chords, but it's gone from that to a form of ambient guitar music, I haven't heard, its had alot of of effort put into it, theres still some chopping and changing to be done, re recording of one or two sections, but altogether it forms its own little improvised symphony thing, and so far i'm very proud of what i've achieved, when the recording process is done, i'll polish them up one more time, get a final copyright, then if people want it, drop me a line, i can send you a zip, but if you'd prefer a jewel case, i've struck a deal with a friend to get some of those done too, leave it long enough, i may even put some of the videos on a DVD, but thats aiming a little high...

So many styles and instruments have been used on this piece, consists of about 6 parts, all have similar vibes, and it's all been recorded here in my bedroom studio, i'll be interested to get peoples views on it when it's done, were talking about a 30 minute full play time, for now, heres the cover as a sneak peek!

I'll keep you all posted, i'll work as much as I can on the project!

Take care

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