Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Hey again folks,

Welcome again, so whats going down around here?

My sisters used all £20 of my Dads phone credit, the internal disc drive on my iMac has gone, i've had to cancel my holiday with Scott & Peter Groves and I haven't slept very well in a while, but hell, I'm still going :D, Is there any other way guys?

I'ts 2am, Monday morning, officially of course, after the recent events, Sunday evening I had the pleasure of having a quick drink with Mr.Richard Lee, Bassist in our band, we discussed life, friends, and music, but mainly music, after about 7 years, he's been a good pal since day one, he also gave me a great album, Live Rust by Neil Young, and it was a nice evening in general, had a couple, had a BIG BURGER but, thats beside the point...

It's been a while since i split with my Girlfriend, but, i've had chance to rethink my way of life, not in a religious sense, no , where I should go from here, Musically, Mentally, Physically, and it's been a long time since i've been able to think this clear, if it wasnt for people like Rich and the dozens of guys out there who've been around to chat to, id've been lower than a barry white album.

All I know for sure is that i need to progress musically and just lately, i've seen my guitar practice go up ten fold, which is good, and personally, i'm feeling the benefits...
However, I need to save for the upcoming two weeks in Great Yarmouth in August, but a couple of nice guitars have caught my eye, so maybe i'll be able to save enough to sort out both :D

It's late, i'm here with some black coffee listening to The Beatles' belter "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and i can't help but think, even though this year hasnt been that great so far, theres still hope, not just for me, but for everyone in a rut, with a bit of determination, we need to leave the past behind and get on as best as we can, if we succeed, its all good, if we have friends and family to rely on when we need them, albeit a small chat or a lengthy discussion, were bound to get through any hardships, heads high, rising above the troubles of the past

I'll leave on what Craig Scott said as he signed off...

"It's Been a Rough 'un, Thanks"

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