Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Fresh Start

Welcome, Welcome To My New Blog Page!...It's Safer Here

Yes, Again, welcome to the all new 2.0 version of The Tank Blog, it all began over on MySpace, but as desolate as MySpace is becoming, it seemed to make more sense to bring it on over here, with the depth of my readers being on Facebook, I can link direct to this page...

The current readers know what they are in for, but what about new readers?

Well, normally, I Offer this insight into my life, I'm an Eplieptic Musician- turn- Shop Floor assistant, with a few lung problems, but i don't let it get to me, what can readers expect this year?

A Wealthy 14 Day blog from EVERYWHERE i go in Gt.Yarmouth this year, with pictures from where i'm writing from, stories of my Family & Friends, my insight on modern topics, albums, films, games the lot, Essentially I'm not your average 18 year old, as most will say, but now i've reached a section in my life where i can be ready for a fresh start and an overhaul of everything to get it all going

thats all for now, i'll post saturday or something :D

Take Care

1 comment:

  1. Reading you loud and clear, Detective :)

    I'm not the one to wear that velvet dress, yet. She's more like it...