Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Heavenly Music Corporation


It's you...I knew you were coming, I could feel it, your eyes burning into the text...

Alas, I joke, Welcome to another edition of my blog, how about that counter, edging closer to 700 now, I mean, bugger me, what a following, thanks guys, you're the ones I write for every time I fire up the webpage, so keep coming back, and I'll keep writing...

So yeah, yesterday I was sent to the arse end of nowhere, Heath Town, in Wolverhampton, "Not too bad" I hear you mutter from wherever you may be reading this, however, you weren't there for 17 hours, around staff that had as much sense as an egg cup and had seemingly all been in prison some time in their lives, shifting more shit than you could shake a stick at, not that I rant that much on here, but over the usual symptoms, words cannot describe, how cack I feel today!

On that very same subject, that escapade made me miss band practice, the one main highlight of my week, the thing I can constantly work on to get this band closer towards the impossible dream, because I want it, I'm a damn site more than stacking shelves in some dead end freezer shop, sorry fellas, but I promise you, I've got a few new tricks up my sleeve, new tones, I tell you folks, I've never, in the few years I've been at this, I've never been so excited for practices to roll around, 2 a week? I'll see what I can do!

If you want an alternative perspective, check out the blog of the bloke who holds down the lower frequencies in the band, Bassist, Mr. Jay Brunskill!

Go there, and await further instructions!

Now, avid readers will know I attempted to start a video blog, and yoho ahoy! Part 2 is here!

Now onto what I've been doing, crafting new tones, playing games and being a general dogsbody, but I had a revelation while I was blindsided on an idle Tuesday, it's kind of funny, how much respect I seem to have gained by putting in the work I have, Musically, and through this Blog, the few Youtube videos I have and general treating those whom I respect with the same respect that they give me, I personally am humbled every time by the compliments, messages of support and thanks I get, I occasionally dispense advice here and there to those who need it, so it's nice to feel like a guy who has established himself through hard work, this is just the beginning, and it's a refreshing way to be after the last few years I've had...

Now bloggers, I'm REALLY not a Christmas kind of guy, but heres hoping that 2011 is our year, me, you sitting at your computer, or reading frrom your smartphone, or wherever you may be, I think we all need it.

Until next time friends,
Your friend
Ha Bisky!

Luke Clarke

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