Monday, 21 February 2011

Good News!

Now hows about that then?

Welcome, my friends, to another blog!

I hope you're all doing well, taking care of yourselves and whatnot, now last blog, I mentioned some "big news" to be announced for today (Monday, Monday, Monday!) and so here I am, blogging with a vengeance, now that guy up there, he's either very happy or he's waving at an approaching helicopter, coming to rescue him for the looming yellow abyss, i'll tell you, he's happy, happy for me.

Tonight, I went to jam with a band I've mentioned here on the LCB before by the name of Framed, who were very good live at the Wharf Bar, I enjoyed watching them, and afterwards I bumped into their drummer, and a friend of mine, Kim, in the car park of a nearby Morrisons, from there I was asked if I wanted to go along, and tonight was the night!

Now, honestly speaking here, I didn't know what to expect, but once I got there and set up, I was right in my element, I had my drive where I wanted it for my rhythm playing, I learned their songs and we played them through and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the warm welcome I received, even though we were all pretty much freezing our arses off in there, it was superb, I enjoyed it, the interaction between everybody was great, I got on well with everyone, and most importantly, the music sounded good, next practice should be next week, now hows about that then?

Also, I'm working more hours at work, and you know what that means?...

You bet your sweet bippy it means more wonga and that will add towards the amp fund, speaking of amps...

I went to PMT in Birmingham with my mate Lord Rob of Cottington today, and the selection that they had was HUGE, I've never seen so many amps, though a couple of tasty Marshall amps in my price range caught my eye, all I know is that Epiphone amps have joined the poo pile, do you have any recommendations for a multi-channel hi-gain half stack? let me know!

Can you tell I'm writing with more excitement? I've got a new playlist on that I've made, I'm streamwriting more or less!

That's it for now!
Your Pal
Luke Clarke