Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nothing Happens By Chance.

Hey Empire.

I dunno if I've told you this before, I keep coming back to this quote from "Bono on Bono"

"Nothing happens by chance. You don't end up in front of 20,000 people on a stage by accident, I had a bigger hole to fill, a rock star is someone with a hole in his heart almost the size of his ego"

 I keep coming back to it, even more so after some comments just lately about me and my "off my rocker" approach to music and life, I know I'm not a fantastic Guitarist/Musician, but I get such a buzz out of what I do, and I thoroughly enjoy having the kind of energy I have, it helps me believe in myself a lot more than I used to, being overly loud, ostentatious and sometimes narcissistic gives me more confidence in what I can do and egg me on to push myself further onwards and upwards.

If it verges on vulgar, I apologize.

So, remember last blog I mentioned how I was longing for a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier? 
Well, I went out the next day to PMT in Birmingham where there was a tasty second hand Dual Rectifier priced up at £1099, I tried it out with an awful Les Paul, and it had a brutal sound, 3 channels and I won't bore you with the specifics, but all of my rhythm bits had a really nice bark to them, and the lead sounds for solos etc were really nice and smooth, so I'll sell the AC30, my Mom said she put the rest, which shouldn't be much and Joe says he'll fit a cab up with some nice speakers for a good price, what a bloke eh? It's a slim straight up cab aswell, the kind I like!

Really excited to hear what it sounds with my Gibsons through it, with the 500T pickups? It'll demolish buildings, I'll name the finished cab "THE EMBALMER" forget branding or making up a technical name, I'll be running a Dual Rectifier into The Embalmer!

Heh, it'd keep people guessing right?

So, I've not long got in from a visit to town with a good friend of mine, Maccie, we had a laugh at his random shouts at things, while I shouted LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from time to time, he brought a Flip camera which set alarms off in every shop we went in, so we ended up in the pub, was good to get out of the house, cheered me up and it was good to see Maccie, it'd been a while, but we have plans for  a new YouTube series, which should be a (extremely loud) laugh.

I've got a whole lot of new albums I've been getting into, below is a montage of all the covers!

They're all very good, a nice variation, something for everybody there, they're all worth a listen, however, some of them are VERY hard to get a hold of. I really had to search high and low to get these albums in reasonable quality (I say 320kps reasonable). They are out there, and they are great albums!

South of Sheol is a solo album by a guy on YouTube called Dave "Dingle" Reeves, He's a brilliant guitarist, a big user of Bugera amps and all around top bloke, go pay his YouTube channel a visit! His album is £7-ish on iTunes, totally worth it, a truly brilliant sound!

Dingle 'Ere

Just a quick update this time
Catch you later
B Cool

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