Friday, 27 May 2011

A week left in limbo.

Hiya guys.

How're you doing? Well I hope, it's been a frustrating week, but at the same time one where I've felt I've been left hanging, where? I don't know.

I've had to deal with a couple of packages being all over the place. My pre-order L.A Noire only arrived today,  a week after the initial release day, and get this it came complete with no pre-order bonuses, whether that was a problem with, or someone tampering with my mail (like it looks) I have no idea whatsoever.

The case of the missing pickups continue. Where are they? who knows, at least I'm not at a loss with those now, but either way I was looking forward to beef the Telecaster up with some hotrails!

Practice with the band on Monday was great, I used some new silly sounds of mine, making one of the slower songs sound like a 50's B-Movie. Me & Joe have been working on some tracks that we will be putting together over the coming weeks. Speaking of the coming weeks, our gig at Plug has been cancelled, blame our promoter, however on June 17th we are playing at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham, as long as were playing you're in for a great show, seriously.

I was hit by a sudden realization when drinking the other night, do I spend too much time developing these sounds? If so, am I cutting myself off from everybody except for the band and my work colleagues? Alot of people have been texting me and I'm at a point where I feel I have nothing to say to them anymore. I can't put my finger on why, or if there's been a distinct change, I know these people are there and I love them to bits, but honestly, I have nothing to say to them.

Monday, at band practice I turned on the lights in the rehearsal room and there, sat a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, the amp of my dreams, I'm glad to report that it wasn't a case of "Never meet your heroes" because after having a twiddle with all the dials, I tried the amp on the third channel, gain cranked, I played a few riffs and stuff and it sounded like the norse God of Thunder beating ten tons of shit out of the worlds dictators!

You can understand that now I have G.A.S and wish to acquire one, there is a flaw to my plan, a £2000 flaw. I'll be honest, I struggle to have any kind of focus at work, because of the atmosphere I just tend to feel really distant from what I should be doing, hence why I couldn't even consider saving that biblical amount of wonga to buy one...unless of course I rob a bank...Banco El Rob maybe.

I have a couple of new YouTube videos up!

Enjoy! Tutorials will not be available, unless the secret handshake is applied.

Lots of new music and stuff, I'll do an album review blog like I did before, you dig?

This week saw the completion of Framed's official website too, go and take a look and bookmark it for future updates!

Now, I've found myself doing alot of thinking just lately, which isn't good for me, this isn't helped with a stupid amount of mindgames going on, so please if you're causing grief via text, quit speaking in riddles and being suggestive, and just be straight please. I have enough on my plate dealing with fluctuating symptoms/side effects.

On that note, I'll be leaving you for the world known as 'Bed'
Take Care, B.Cool

Your mate
Luke Clarke

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