Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeding The Rhythm.

Hello Readers!

It has been a while, a while by my standards at least, but please let me explain, things have been pretty bad...

As you all know, I suffer with Photosensitive Epilepsy, and the Thursday before last, I suffered what was without a doubt the worst seizure I've ever had, it lasted around an hour, and I caused myself a lot of injuries as I hit my head and limbs off of everything I could find in my bedroom obviously, when I finally regained consciousness I was in such an amount of pain and discomfort, it was truly like nothing I had ever experienced, seen as I had been talking to my friend Rich on MSN at the time, my sister had alerted him, and he helped me get my head back together when I woke up, what a bloke!

It's fair to say, ten days later, I'm only just starting to recover, but it really showed me how much people cared about me, there was so much love through Facebook, MSN, Twitter and Xbox Live, just people dropping me messages, checking how I was, wishing me well, it really was amazing to know I have these kind of people around me, so thank you all very much for your kind support through what was an insanely hard week or so, it is greatly appreciated!

Now, I'm looking straight ahead, band practice tomorrow and I can't wait!

But this week, there have been some strange goings on, mainly in the sense that alot of old faces have come back to say aloha, some I'd rather have not, some I'm glad of, for instance I had a great mosey on down to Tesco with my friend Manpreet who I haven't seen for a while, plus I've been having mammoth Skype conversations with my friend Kate, and I can't exactly say it would be nice of me to name and shame the people I'd rather have kept their distance, so I won't!

Oh yeah! something new for you here, I'm starting work on a new project I've wanted to do for a long time now, a soundtrack, but not for a film, for 1960's Japanese Cult Icon "Johhny Sokko and his Giant Flying Robot" it's a lot of work, and I'm composing a lot of it myself here at home, based around the 1 melody that plays in every episode, so this is a new project that I shall keep you posted on, really excited about it though I tell ya!

Now, this past week, i've been tweeting back and forth to fellow musician and top bloke Nick Latham, otherwise known as YouTube's "BedroomBassist" and I caught a look at his band on YouTube called Big Door Open, now seen as they're based up north, I haven't literally "Seen" them, but I tell you something guys, Big Door Open have got a sound, a hell of a sound that really got me after listening to a couple of songs, They're gonna be putting out an EP soon, so the best places for Big Door Open based news are all the links below, and I'mma put a video of my favorite song, I'm sure they won't mind!



I tell you, when you look hard enough, there's a world of awesome bands out there, there's another 2 I'm gonna be featuring on here in the future if they'll let me, but it's more prominent than ever, that music is the language that can bring us all together, that binds us all as songwriters, musicians or just plain ol' listeners, so take a look at BDO and just remember, I sent you!

For now, this is all I have to see, I'll be writing soon though I feel, thanks for stopping by and if you messaged me to wish me well, thank you it meant alot

"Each part does the work of that part, and no other."

Catch you later
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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