Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Aloha Hotshots!

Welcome to my week off blog, I'm at the halfway point and I tell you what, it's been great, lot's of stuff to get through, but I'm glad Dan booked it off for me, it's been nice to take some time off just to relax, kick my feet up and get back to basics, it's been real nice, I'm really chilled out, picture me with sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals, drinking from a coconut...

So how are you all? are you there? I'm worried guys, I really am, I'm looking at the stats and I'm seeing my views tumble, c'mon now, I'm not that bad, is it because I haven't showered for a while? Because I have, honestly, a few hours ago!

I hope you're all doing well though, a couple of philosophical blogs down and I think I'm back to normal, lot's of stuff to catch up on, so let's bullet point what's going on...
  • NGD - Boss GT-10
  • Framed Gig - March 19th, Stein Bar, Walsall
  • Dirty Harry Movies
  • Bulletstorm & Red Dead Redemption (I reached level 50!)
  • My views on my recent Scratch Radio appearances
  • Rob's new Blag!
That's alot right? You can't accuse me of not having any content, so let's get down to business! 


why the heck did you get one of these treading behemoths?
Because, the other night, I was trying to control my Pedalboard and fell over, it was then I decided I needed something more concise...

Ok, I get that, but why not something simple, like a Line 6 or Korg?
I've used Boss pedals for a while, and I know what the GT-10 is capable of, and I have alot of sounds on my pedalboard that I need to transfer over, and this has everything I need

Is it easy to use?
No, no it isn't, it's like cracking a safe using oven gloves, but when you crack it, it's a fantastic tool!

How does it sound?
It takes alot of tweaking, and I run it into my Vox's FX Loop, to bypass the AC30's preamp and use what the GT10 has to offer, and the sounds I'm getting are really groovy, man!

Can you add sounds to it via USB?
Yes, do you have a PhD in Guitar Gear?


Saturday, March 19th @The Stein Bar in Walsall

This will be my first gig of 2011, my first proper gig in a long time, with Framed, I cannot wait, these guys are the band I've been looking for and I personally cannot wait, so please, come down, show your support! check the band out here

It's a solid type of rock that will get your feet tapping, I know you'll love it, so come on down!


Earlier this week, I brought the 5 Blu-Ray set of the Dirty Harry movies, none of which I've ever seen, shocking I know, I've only really heard the soundtrack to the 2nd movie "Magnum Force" (iTunes, £5, Steal)

So far I've watched Dirty Harry and Magnum Force, both in pretty good HD, considering the age of the films, they look stunning, and the audio is superb, I was totally taken in by how good these films are, fantastic, is the only word I can think of!


Bulletstorm & Red Dead Redemption

So, this week a wonderful game called "Bulletstorm" has been taking up my time, I cannot describle how brilliant a game Epic Studios have made here, it's an FPS game, but not as you know it, the idea is to be creative with how you kill, and I like that bad?

Also, I finally reached Level 50 on Red Dead Redemption's Multiplayer mode, I'm now traversing the Wild West, on a Bull, wielding a Buffalo Rifle.
God I feel like a Badass on that game now!


As you know, I've made a couple of guest appearances on BCU's 'Scratch Radio' with my friends Kay & Maccie, now it was fun, but the second appearance confirmed that it really wasn't for me, as good as the music was, I took alot of flak for voicing my opinion on Dave Grohl, even after the show I recieved messages from strangers, then there was the whole distance thing, a guy who did my nut in, no offense to Kay, Maccie or Rich who do a Fantastic job at Scratch Radio, it's just not for me, however I had a laugh while I was there, so thanks for having me!


Remember my ol' pal Rob over at "The Indifference Gamer" page? well, he's departed from the gaming blog world, and he's entering my kind of blogging thing that I do, just general life blogging, he's a good writer, I'm sure he'll raise a smile when he writes and he's got a right snazzy layout, I tell you that, it's 1000% less yellow, check it out yo...

So that wraps it all up for now, but I'm about to bring back a feature I haven't used since the MySpace days, only a few of you dedicated guys will remember

Luke's Word

I know alot of people, I call very few of them friends, but all of these people aren't a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of people on this planet, but who in this world still dreams? is there still anyone who hasn't abandoned their hobbies or desires, only to replace them with the routine and mundane? one can only hope there are still dreamers in this world, because I don't want to live in a world with only a hand full of dreamers in a world where people cannot grasp that it is impossible to achieve your aim without some form of suffering.

John Lennon said "Some say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"
Gene Wilder said "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream"

You know what I say? Just keep on, keeping on, keep dreaming, keep your own hopes and your own spirit alive and by golly, try and get something done!

Now that's all you're getting, shine on you crazy diamonds!

Your Pal
Luke Clarke


  1. Your labels are broken, dear sir! After every label, there should be a comma for separation purposes. Also, I'll try and get down to Walsall if I'm not busy on the 19th. And haven't you heard? Bulletstorm causes rape! Fox News said it, so it must be true ;)

  2. mate, great blog! All i will say, is don't let a few junkies, who know Dave Grohl to have been in 2 bands, get you down. Everyone's allowed an opinion .... Too bad people like us get hated for voicing it.

  3. With your labels, every word or phrase needs to have a comma and space after it so they'll work for search engines and also work internally. As for Fox News, just google it.

  4. Done the thing with the labels more times than I care to admit...

    With regard to the 'Dreamer' aspect, it's always sad for me when I see people who used to be involved with music and now have full-ime jobs and can't do it any more. Or at least, can't chase the dream anymore, and spend the rest of their days playing in over-the-hill pub bands. The notion that I may very well be going the same way is not a very nice thought for me, which is why I try to do a gig every week these days. On the other hand, it's hard to keep it up when I'm struggling to hold down two jobs and pay for a car.

    That being said, I doubt I'll ever give up on my hobbies completely. Even if I do end up in the pub bands, if I enjoy i then why not? And I'll always enjoy my wargaming. But I guess the thing to remember is to do it for fun! I can teach guitar, write songs and do all the gigs I like, but if I don't remember to pick up my guitar and have a play every now and again, it stops being a hobby and becomes a job.

    Just my two cents...