Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fire Up The Keyboard!

We've gone global, hotshots!

Well hello there!

First of all, let me extend my hand for a firm handshake to my readers from across the world, I looked at my stats last night, China, Iran and the Netherlands are racking up a lot of the views, thank you for stopping by and I hope that you've bookmarked me for future reading, that'd be nice, thanks though, I do appreciate every single one of you that come and read what I write, it makes me smile, I know that English may not be your native language and it's nice to think, that it's this page you're reading.

So, for the first time in a long time, I'm writing in the daytime, most of the time I blog at night, or in the early hours in the morning, but after this morning at work I'm sitting here watching Top Gear, and I'm thinking up some ideas for new effects to plonk onto the Boss GT-10, but aye I had some what of an epiphany...

You've seen me write on here about how I was sort of set on the fact that Analog guitar pedals are ultimately superior to digital pedals in every way, thinking that digital pedals always sounded terrible, however, I had only ever owned a Korg AX3000G, which now lies broken under my cupboard, but this Boss GT10 is everything I ever wanted and more and when I run it into my AC30's FX loop, it doesn't sound thin or wimpy or digitized at all, it sounds (I never thought I'd say this) analog.

Big bonus for me is that someone has made a patch for every U2 song and uploaded them, I've got the main sweeping sound from Mysterious Ways, and I've yet to go through the rest, but I've made some of my own personal favorite sounds, so I'm loving how easy it is to use with the software!

There was no band practice last night, but I felt a little rough, so maybe it was for the best, but I ran through the songs, as I have been frantically, because as mentioned in my previous blog, we have a gig soon, and I'll have only had 3 practices with the band so I want to make sure I'm on my game, it's my return to gigging and I want to be on form, really looking forward to what lies ahead for me now I've joined Framed.

I may do some reading today, some more Lovecraft maybe? But then again, I still have a couple of chapters of "Bono on Bono" left, which is a seriously good book, a great insight into a man 99% of people think is an arsehole, it changed what I thought of him, there's some great quotes in there, I picked it up for pretty cheap out of a local book store that was closing down, I recommend it to ya!

But Hey! I've got a few albums to recommend!

Pink Floyd - Animals

Lalo Schifrin - Magnum Force OST

Teddybears STHLM - Rock n Roll Highschool

And if you can get hold of it, my album of the week...
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked

I assure you, it's a great example of collaboration work at it's finest, The Police's Andy Summers and King Crimson's Robert Fripp made one of my favorite instrumental albums, that I've only recently managed to get hold of it!

And on that note folks, that's all you're getting
Take care now, see ya soon!
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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