Friday, 13 May 2011

Launching "The Soundscape" + A Rant

It's very rare, here on the Luke Clarke Blog, I have a full on rant, but here I go, about Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Hereon mentioned as Blops) and Mirror's Edge. Now I've been playing Mirror's Edge on my downstairs Xbox 360, so my Mom & Sister have been watching most of the time, and I've started to really hate the game with an unbridled passion, it;s a real challenge, the objectives are very vague, and the controls are hard to work with, but my Mom raised a good point "what's the point if it doesn't challenge you? you'd only moan if it was over in 5 minutes" which is true, but when does a game go from challenging to annoying? when you hit the start button on Mirrors Edge's opening screen. Never has a game sent me loopy to the point where I shout at my big TV and call the main character a whore, though I still say it's a pretty game, visually engaging at least.

Now onto Blops, now the Campaign, I really enjoyed, but my main complaint is the pathetic map expansion packs that are a constant cash cow for these repetitive games Activision churn out year on year. After a right laugh on Double XP weekend with the guys, I figured the new Escalation pack would be worth the investment using my remaining Game Loyalty Points, but no, 5 Terrible maps, 1 is an unplayable zombie map, and the rest are all miserable rehashes of what could have been decent maps, I've played them only once, because there are only 4 game modes, £10 for that? at least I didn't pay for any of it, because I would slag myself off in a mirror if I had wasted £10 on them.


So, I hope you've all been well, I have, this past week has been great, I caught up with Chris & Rob when we went to see Thor in 3D, it was a right laugh, and Rob (of Rob Cotton's Blag fame) had a chat with me about life and everything, which we've never really discussed, so it was kinda cool, while we were all in Walsall though, we were in HMV and there was this Boogie Woogie track that came on that grabbed us as soon as it started, was it Jools Holland? No... Dr.John? No... out came the Shazam app, it turned out to be Hugh Laurie! 

All I can say is wow, I have the album, and it's been on my playlist non stop ever since, it's an eclectic mix of blues, folk & jazz that must not be missed, review coming soon from both me and the Cotton Blag soon I assume (right Mr.C?)

Work continues on the Framed official page, alot of work is going in, it's been a while since I made a website, but it's looking great so far and there will be a new branch of my blog there. "The Soundscape" and it's co-blog "The Soapbox" are two blogs written by me and the other guitarist in the band Joe, (mine being the soundscape, Joe's being the soapbox) so if you want to know my take on music, The Soundscape @ will be where you find me, Akimbo Blogging!

For now, that's all there is to know, but how about you go to this page, and register on the petition to get NASCAR 2011 released in the UK? It's made by a UK company, but publishers Activision won't release it here, It looks really cool, so do a guy a favour! Tweet and go and sign this Petition

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  1. Mirror's Edge is a fantastic game, albeit one that was (I found) a bit handholdy. Blops, on the other hand, is a CoD game and so a massive pile of shite that tends to be frequented by 12 year olds. Not that you're a 12 year old mate, but I'm sure you know what I mean.