Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I'd like to share something with you, this winter just gone was one of very fond memories, for me personally, I spent alot of time alone, either here at the Mac, or walking to and from work or venturing out to Walsall or Birmingham on my own, but with the snow covering everything, I had my iPod to accompany my journeys.

Now, I'd acquired some new music, I'd just gotten into a bloke (whom on a personal level I hate with a passion) called Ted Nugent, so I had some of his songs on my playlist, the days were dark and the nights were long, and there was a song that always kept me going, nothing cliché like "Snowflake Boogie" or anything like that, it's a rather odd song called "Stranglehold", I dunno why it kept me going, it's 8 minutes of really sloppy playing on Nugent's behalf, but fantastic execution, and it seemed as if whenever I set out at 7.30am to go to work, putting my size 13's into fresh snow, it was always "Stranglehold" something about the aura of that song kind of summed up my feelings at that time.

Now it's all well and good me having this blog, but there's a lot of stuff I hold back, I do an awful lot of thinking, mainly about the past, about an odd longing feeling that bugs me, and how my medication regime messes me about... a lot, there are calmer songs that would fit the atmosphere, "In The Air Tonight" or "1/1", maybe "Evening Star" but I dunno what it was with "Stranglehold", it's a distinct memory I have, I heard it today and it just wasn't the same.

I fondly remember around that time that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit had come out, and me & Rob were on it chasing each other for hours, and again, amongst my eclectic selection of music, "Stranglehold" would come on and I'd be right in my element, sure it was cold, but I had a cuppa, good music, a good mate and I was having a laugh, but I dunno what it was (and still is for that matter) a looming sense of darkness over my life, not so much depression, because I dislike that term, but as if something was missing, I just wish I knew what it was, a kind of emptiness, if you will.

As of late, I feel more connected to what's going around me, but 2011 is flying past awfully quickly, I feel as if I'll miss too much if I hang back and try to get a hold of what's going on, the band, work, my fluctuating mood & health, I feel I'll lose momentum.

I miss the snow, I miss the cold, but most of all, I miss who I used to be before all the tablets and stuff I've been through that constantly bugs me, though I suppose there's no use in having regrets. Below is Stranglehold, enjoy.

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