Friday, 20 May 2011

Rain, Vinyl, Music And Contemplation.

Welcome back, to another edition of the blog.

Been a busy week for me and also a very interesting one.

The Wednesday just gone me and my old friend Rich went into Birmingham, as we often do, much to my own surprise, I found I was skint, except for the £10 I had in my wallet, £6 of which I'd spent on food, so that's £4 to throw around, so we went down past the Bullring and FairDeal music, to a record store we had spotted while we were avoiding The Island Bar when we played there.

So we went in there and it was a proper retro record shop, I picked up Peter Frampton's Classic "Frampton Comes Alive!", Bruce Springsteens "Greetings from Asbury Park" and a rare 90's U2 CD single "Last Night On Earth". and spent £4! which in my books is pretty damn cool.

You know people say "Vinyl quality is superior"? Well, in this case, it really is. I listened to FCA start to finish and it blew the 320KPS MP3s I have out of the water, it sounded like utter perfection to me, I think we'll be returning to that shop...

That evening as the dark fell, I was stood in the doorway of my back door the rain lashing down, I had a whiskey in my hand and I was doing some thinking, about how I'm gonna have to do all I can to keep myself sharp musically and mentally too, but I was not only things that are to come, but inevitably the past, I mean sure, it cannot be changed, but it doesn't mean it's easy to forget and with the constant haziness that comes with my tablets, it kinda amplifies everything to the point where I was so zoned out, I didn't hear my phone ring, but I think that's for another blog...

But hey...

This week sees the release of one of my most anticipated games, LA Noire, I had it on pre-order, it was dispatched the other day, I thought "lovely job, weekend on LA Noire",  release day is here, do I have LA Noire, no.

Hopefully, I'll get it soon, Rob (of Rob Cotton's Blag fame) says I'll love it, and he very rarely gives that kind of opinion. (Soon being tomorrow, or the postman will be embalmed)

I digress...
Last night me and the band, Framed, played at The Adam & Eve in Birmingham, or as I recall last night "The Morgue" we got all of our gear there (albeit a little late) set up, soundchecked, went and got food, we were on at 10pm so we had time to kill, we had a laugh, I got onstage and realized someone had left my AC30 turned on all night, wasn't happy.

But we went on to play a really tight set, I really fluffed up one of the tracks but the rest of the set was flawless and we showcased a new song, to a crowd of about 5 people who we didn't bring with us, which at the end consists of an all out rockfest, Me & Joe trade solos, Matt really pumps through on the bass, Kim is really kicking it and I saw Andy go jumping off the front of the stage, and not being big headed or anything, I played one of the best solos I have in years!

I'm told it's all on camera and someone was taking snaps, ready to get the wobsite going, so keep your eyes peeled. As stoney faced as the crowd was, we enjoyed it, had a laugh with it, but there are big things on the horizon, and you'll be the first to know. We're building the foundations ready for what's to come as a single unit.

I'm excited, seriously, I'm playing better and better stuff, constantly jotting down ideas for future use, ticking over, I've realized I'll never be a shred-level player, but I'm happy being in the middle on Frampton/Santana/Gilmour level, and with me constantly swapping around sounds to get the right one for me I know I'm doing well.

Tonight though, I recieved an odd text from somebody unexpected, so I'll figure that out when I can be arsed.

That'll do you for now
Thanks for reading

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