Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Reminiscence...

Cast yourselves back, November 2010, here on the blog I made out that things were all good in my little world, but more than anything I was a bit lost in life, unsure of where I'd be going, lots of things going on that I was very undecided about, swaying my thoughts constantly, I'd just met Maccie & Kay for the first time, which was fun, and has introduced me to a great bunch of people, as I've discussed before, a looming sense of doom was just there, casting a shadow over everything, negativity ensued.

But one day, I was walking home from a long day walking around Birmingham & Walsall on my own, just my headphones and some decent music, it had tired me out and gave me alot of time to think, but as I got around the autumn coloured churchyard, the vivid colours, the setting sun and "Save Me Some Sugar" by fictional band The Midnight Riders was on, I had never felt as if the world was in synchronization with what I had in mind, but in the same sense it made me kind of depressed that there was no one to share it with, which as miserly as it sounds just brought out the sense of loneliness in me, sure I had more friends than you could shake a stick at...but you get it, right?

It's ridiculous how big a part music plays in my life, as you all know I'm a big U2 fan, preferably of the 90's stuff, on Achtung Baby, the final 3 tracks, "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)", "Acrobat" and "Love is Blindness" is the best example of how just three songs can break anyone down, Ultraviolet, is the start, a positive note, Acrobat tells you not to let the bastards drag you down, and Love Is Blindness stabs you through the heart, shocking I know, but it's why I love the band and I imagine there are similar reasons why you love the band(s) that you do.

With things constantly running through my mind, I hardly notice the time going by these days, for instance, I can hardly remember having a drink with Kay, Maccie & Tommy last week, because it all comes and goes so quickly, but it's the simplest memories that stick with me, snapshots in time if you will, alas I'm just stream writing at the moment, I'm not feeling so hot, and there's not really anyone that would take me seriously if I spoke to them in the manner that I do on these blogs, because I'm just not the philosophical type in general, my slurring, vacant staring, twitches often put people off, but that's for another time.

Thank you for reading, and to whoever keeps bothering me on Formspring, get intouch.


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