Monday, 10 January 2011

Blinded By The Light

Wotcha Readers!

Crazy week here in The Lair, I decided on rebooting the iMac, due to it's sudden slowness, I'm glad I did, but, as always readers, Sod's Law struck again, and as I thought I'd backed everything up on my external hard drive, inevitably I hadn't, so when I came to put it all back, there was nothing to put back, horrified, I mourned over the 700+ albums worth of digital content I'd lost off borrowed CD's etc, however, my mate Rich called me, now let me explain...

Everytime we meet up for our trips to Walsall or Birmingham, he ends up with a DVD of music full to the brim, and over the years he'd accumulated my entire music collection on an almighty stack of around 15-20 DVD's and an external hard drive of his own, it took me a good few hours to transfer over all the music I wanted, but it gave me a great chance to condense my out of control music collection, It's all back now, even the ultra rare U2 stuff he didn't have backed up, and the iMac is now as quick as it was on day one back in 2008!

(Wow, I was 18 then, and I was sporting a Fu-Manchu rather than a full beard...Bad times)

So with that sorted, onto band practice, it was just Me & Jay, we just threw some ideas around but it was kind of idle without a drummer, though I was kinda shocked when I busted out some Frippertronics and Jay was liking them, suggesting we use them as an intro to a song, which was a shocker as I say, I wasn't happy with the shitty "Bees-In-A-Box" Marshall sound I had going on, it just reminded me that amps on a budget sound like ass, even with the Decimator it seemed to feed back, remember readers, the MG series by Marshall is Luke Clarke's big nono

I can't describe how poo these amps are...

But aye, I digress, I woke up today feeling chesty as hell, It's doing my head in that I feel as if I've got a Japanese Gameshow Host on my chest, you know he's there, but you can't tell him to go away, because he doesn't speak any English! So I hope that sorts itself out soon, I've been doping myself up with regular doses of Covonia and Whiskey, a concoction so strong, it'll put hairs on your eyeballs, but I'm feeling slightly better after it, but crikey, it's getting a bit painful to breathe, and Ol' Luke has work in the morning...

Now the other day, I brought a Guitar magazine, something I never do thanks to online guitar journalism, however there was a fantastic article on cheap guitars and how the quality is getting better and better, now all of you readers know I'm a big fan of quality at a great price, and this article showed how cheap instruments have improved through the years, and the prime example they mentioned was Trev Wilkinson's UK brand "Vintage", I can vouch for the fact that they are superb guitars, I paid £350 for my Peter Green Les Paul, and it's one of the best guitars I've ever owned, and it goes to show, that build quality doesn't have to be compromised even if it's at a low price, I just wish the same could be said for Pedals and Amps! *cough* Marshall *cough*

I do say folks, you wouldn't believe this, were nearly at 1,300 views here at the LCB, I barely know what to say anymore, except thank you, you're the people that keep me writing, and I enjoy doing so!

Shouldn't be long until I get my Frampton Les Paul now...

Speak soon
Take care
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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