Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hospital, Band & Springsteen


Hope you're all doing well out there, keeping warm, because it's been a bit chilly as of late!

But aye, yesterday was the dreaded time again, where I had to visit the hospital, I say dreaded, I quite look forward to it, so I can get a handle on how I'm doing, my specialist commented on how well I looked, and how chipper I seemed compared to our last appointment, alas, I've been prescribed a couple of new pills, but nothing too drastic, which was a relief, after the seizure I had in November, I was a tad worried something more drastic was gonna have to be done medication wise.

However, my mate Rob came with me, save m hovering around on my stoney lonesome, we got lost in a posh hospital, we had a walk around a melancholy Walsall, and he gave me a late Christmas present! Bruce Springsteen - The Collection 1973/84!

Seven albums of all American, grass roots New Jersey solid rock, after listening to "Darkness at The Edge Of Town" and "Greetings From Asbury Park" (at full volume), I'd rekindled my love for The Boss' music, remembering how uplifting it was to listen to, yet how everyday the lyrical themes were, cheers Rob, fantastic!

Tonight, I've been at the pub,with a few mates of mine, talking over band business, getting peoples views on what we have in mind, the feedback was fantastic, Me & Jay also talked over some things that needed to be addressed, and laughs were had, comic relief is something that's kinda needed between members, and Me & Jay always have a right old laugh, we sorted out what needs to be done Saturday at neon, we're putting in the work and we have a plan.

In terms of the band name poll, me & Jay did some investigating, "Monolith" is taken by several bands, I think were pretty much set on "Calculon", I've talked Jay around, fellow pubsters thought the Futurama character would be an excellent name for a band, even my Mom did! (yes Foster, Mom, is what I've always called my mother, on cards, everything so nyer *blows raspberry*)

Were getting close to 1,200 views now, Sugar me down!

I can't believe the boost this blog has had essentially from nowhere, I always get a kick out of writing, and it's a nice outlet, seen as I'm not a keen lyricist, all my writing is done note for note, and not many people understand guitar solos & instrumentals, so here I get to put all my thoughts into voice, and I enjoy writing each and every post I do, it never, ever feels like a chore, every time I see that counter, I feel inspired to write about what I've been up to!

and that's it for now, because I'm buggered!
Take care
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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  1. *Blows raspberry back* You midlanders and your craziness!