Friday, 14 January 2011

The Luke Clarke Unwell-a-thon

Hiya readers!

It's me again, but with 100% more illness! yes, I seem to have come down with a ruddy throat infection of some sorts, it's all swollen and I'm talking like the Multiplayer announcer from Red Dead Redemption, so I'm not all that great, but d'you honestly think it's going to stop me, compared to what normally strikes me down? I don't think so...

So, how're you doing? I hope you're well, I looked the other night, and we hit a whopping 1,400 views, that's a lot of people, right? right! So I put it on my to do list to write a blog when I could gather the energy to get out of bed, alas, it's been swings and roundabouts this week, so let's fill you in about what's been going down in funkytown!

So, you know I use Toontrack's EZDrummer on GarageBand to do my recordings with right? well I've got a hold of one of the superb expansions. The "Twisted Kit" expansion adds some ridiculous stuff to the plethora of sounds I already had, and I've spent the last hour just experimenting with the silly percussion items, to create some stonking effects, I'll post something up soon, I should have a Mellotron and an Electric drum kit add-on on the way for GarageBand, so we'll see where that takes us!

On the topic of GarageBand, I've been working on a superb backing track for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". My version is inspired by Peter Frampton's cover, but I've thrown in aspects of various bands and artists I like, I've got my mediocre Mellotron in there at the moment, (when I get M-Tron downloaded, it will sound superior!) and I've mixed the drums around, made them a bit more technical in the chorus, to go for an early King Crimson sound, added a Cello at parts for some experimental Beatles aspects, I like how it's coming along, the idea being a final YouTube cover of the song with the Peter Frampton Les Paul when I finally get my hands on it, for all the folks over on Frampton Central, and for everyone out there who appreciates what I'm doing with my spare time...

Today, me and the band's bassman Jay went into Lichfield to frequent one of our favorite guitar shops, S&J Music, I took my 6 year old Epiphone SG400 Custom in for some work, I gotta say, to go that long without having to need repair, makes it an awesome guitar in my books, I may just use it next time we play in the band, either that, or the recently re-strung Peter Green Lemon Drop Les Paul!

Either way, Bassman Brunskill saw a smashing bass that he intends to put a deposit on tomorrow, a Cort GB75, a sexy as hell 5 string bass, with a Coil tapped Humbucker at the bridge, and a Jazz pickup at the neck, a natural maple neck with mother of pearl inlays, and a locking jack, easily one of the nicest basses I've ever seen...ever, take a gander


But aye, I feel pretty cack, but in comparison to how I'd feel after a seizure, it really doesn't compare, so I suppose it isn't all that bad!

Only a short blog this week, my top tip though, If you get chance, check out a new band called "Black Country Communion" on YouTube, the song "The Great Divide" blew my head off when I heard it t'other day, get to it readers!

On that note I depart to a lemsip
Take care
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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