Saturday, 1 January 2011

When Life Really Flows, Noone Really Knows

Hiya Readers!

Welcome to a proper edition of my usual blog! so, I welcome you once more to 2011, and what a start I've had to it so far, I've never felt so good, seriously, as you may have seen I've won one of my dream guitars, I'm going to see one of my favorite guitarist/singers, this blog is truckin' across the internet, I'm feeling healthier than ever and there was a development tonight that's got me thinking, smiling and wondering...

Now today, after gathering my thoughts and actually letting the thought of winning the guitar sink in, I went on a trip to Walsall with my very good mate Rich, we returned with an impressive (and cheap) haul, we retreated back to my place, where we watched various episodes of one of my new found sources of entertainment and inspiration... Johnny Sokko and his Giant Flying Robot, or Giant Robot for short, It's a right laugh to watch this 60's based series that came from Japan and was dubbed in American voices, we laughed endlessly as we watched Giant Robot fight Dracolon!

"He's flying at over Mach 19! That's 19 times the speed of sound!"

Seriously, I had a right laugh, and he's been a good mate of mine since back in school, the awesome thing is, he knows of all my hardships, and he knows how much winning this guitar means to me, so thanks Rich, you're a fantastic mate and I know for a fact you read this blog on every post!

Tomorrow signals things going back to normal in the world, I go into work to count cold food, most people have already gone back, and come Monday, all signs of the festive period will be gone, I'm kinda glad, I'll be able to resume work with the band, unleash this Lovecraft inspired piece I wrote, and jam some ideas I have, and with Simon from Frampton Central planning to come down and do a presentation as soon as he gets this guitar delivered, I'm really stoked about what this year has planned for this band, I cannot wait for what this year holds, I've entered it at such a pace that I'm not gonna let this energy or passion escape, I've got to channel it into everything I do, I'm stream writing this blog, non-stop typing as I go, all going well after work tomorrow, I should be going for a drink with some of my work colleagues, the ones I actually get on with at least!

I must again, thank you for all the kind condolence messages that have been left here, there and everywhere over the last few days, I've showed the family, and we would all like to thank each one of you.

So yes, today, I spent a grand total of £40, and for that I got

Alan Wake (Xbox 360)
Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360)
Monsters Inc. (Blu-Ray)
Moon (Blu-Ray)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (SACD Remaster)

Impressive eh? I mean I've played Alan Wake for a fair bit and it's awesome, I've played the first bit of ME2 and that's also damn good, and I watched Monsters.Inc this evening, and that blew me away with how superb it looked in HD, and don't get me started on that remaster of Dark Side Of The Moon!

Crikey, I'm so pumped, I've not felt this, for a long long time, I'm refreshed as if I have a new hold on life, as if I've got it in a stranglehold and now I'm in charge, and trust me, I'm gonna sort this shit out, and you lot are all free to jump on board, I've pulled the "More Steam" lever, and we're on the tracks, pelting ahead now, just don't miss it please, it's not a return trip!

On that note friends, I leave you!
take care now!
Your Pal!
Luke Clarke

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