Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Same Great Luke, 100% Less Illness


It seems after a few days of being bogged down with the previously described symptoms, I've recovered, I'm still a little groggy, but I'm glad to be back, and hey, were at over 1,500 views, can you believe it? I know! It's madness!

So, I hope you're doing well, I'm back to normal now, it's late, and often is the way, it's time for me to start writing my blog, I've been branching out a bit, listening to a bit of music I don't normally listen to, watching vast amounts of Whose Line Is It Anyway? And essentially just having a bit of me time, however, I've been doing more work in GarageBand, I dug up some files from my external hard drive, I found my cover of the Ashes to Ashes theme, and a few of my solo tracks in there, working them over with EZDrummer and M-Tron Pro, I'm giving them a new lease of life, and my guitar playing is still on form, but changes attitude from guitar to guitar, which is nice, but it's hard to choose which I want to use, I picked up the Buckethead Les Paul tonight, and it's still an awesomely comfortable guitar, precise, tight, beautiful, always makes me feel great when I play it, people talk about giving inanimate objects persona's or a soul, I think I have with my guitars, I've been through a lot with them, there's a story behind every one of them, maybe one day, someone will give a damn and will want to hear them!

Aye, I'm feeling a bit zoned out at the minute, I've put on some Eno to calm myself down a bit while I write, a bit of deep breathing and all that, I'm just thinking out loud here, I was talking to one of my readers, and contributor, Kay Worley, last night, she's a frequent reader, and made some lovely comments about what I do here with the blog, and it was nice to get a handle on what someone else thought, after she drew Dave Wongaman in the banner there, she's gonna draw us another which is really great of her, so yeah, thanks for sticking with the blog, Kay, thanks for the kind words and thanks for drawing our friend and our mascot, Dave Wongaman!

I was shocked to see I'm rapidly approaching 50 posts now, that's alot! I might have to do something, maybe wear a special hat while I write the blog, or a monocle, I mean looking back at the state I was in when I started this writing malarky, then maybe it calls for a more reflective piece, I'm unsure at this point in time, all of my stuff isn't planned, it just sort of happens, people ask me if it's drafted, because it's always uninterrupted and it flows, like I'm talking to you at my local, but it isn't! Looking at how I've altered myself over the years, I can say I have no regrets, I can look at where I am now and say that I'm pretty happy with everything that's going on, I mean sure, we're all working on that impossible dream, but it's what keeps us going, isn't that right folks?

Now for a little bit of plugging, a good mate of mine who blogs, plugs me a lot and I very rarely plug him, so go and read the ramblings, he's pretty good at this malarky!

I think that covers it for now...

Catch you later!
Take care
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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  1. Rambles! Ramble, ramble, ramble... Wongaman needs his own section. Dedicated to wonga and ha bisky.