Friday, 8 April 2011

I Keep On Walkin'

Hey Empire

I hope you're doing well, it's the end of the week and I thought you were due another blogging extravaganza and as usual, I shall deliver!

I'm doing well thanks, this week has been a bit of a slog to say the least, for me anyway I'm used to doing 16 - 20 hours a week, but this week I've done 32! That means more wonga though, cause and effect.

I honestly wish there was more to say for this week, but there hasn't been a fat lot going on I've been doing alot of chilling out though, Gaming with my sister on Xbox Live, seeing her gradually improve on GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony, both of us sharing frustration on these missions which I don't recall being as hard as they are, but I must commend Rockstar Games, The Ballad Of Gay Tony & The Lost and Damned were really well made, well paced out add-ons, I love 'em personally.

However, onto what I was going to say, we left the game on pause, and we heard this choir in the menus, so we left it to build up, and it's this amazing ten minute ambient mix, it's beautiful and so soothing, I can't describe it, so here you go, if you go to the actual YouTube page, you can listen to it, or download the full 10 minute MP3, add RainyMood during a late night to really just chill out, or just listen to it as you walk around, it slows the world down. I very rarely say the word "Bliss"

"The MP3 File Was THIS Big, Luis!"

In other news, Rob, over at Rob Cotton's Blag, is seemingly stealing all of my ideas, and it's very nice of him to put a disclaimer of this at the bottom of his little get up, but I tell you lot, his blog is coming along very nicely. It's a great feeling to know that people like Rob and others out there are blogging and using ideas they see here on my blog, which itself had humble beginnings. Big thanks people!

 It's always a pleasure, I'm always thinking away as to what I could write here, this blog serves as more than just a public blog, but as my own personal journal too.

A quick update on Framed, things are going well. I took a couple of my own tracks into practice on Monday, and I seemed to get the vibe that the band really enjoyed them.

Soundscape transition between songs.

Now I've just brought Buckethead & Travis Dickerson's "Left Hanging", the outtakes from Buckethead's "Population Override"album. Population Override is one of my top albums of all time, so I'm rather looking forward to what was actually cut from the album, full review of that and Crysis 2 next blog hopefully!

That's all you're getting for now!
Your pal
Luke Clarke

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