Saturday, 16 April 2011

Birmingham, Again

Hello again!

So, here I am in a classic readable, less picture-infested format, I hope you're all doing well, because this is part two, where I actually do some writing!

It has indeed been a very busy week, doing almost 40 hours again at work, I've lost track of individual days, for instance I'm unsure that it's actually Saturday night, and I'm here writing to you wonderful people, but hey, big news, we've hit 3,500 views.

Pretty good eh? I think that's a rather good number, because I don't know that many people and there are views coming in from all over the world constantly, Aria Guitars even tweeted me about my tribute to japan, and a lot of views now are coming in from Twitter and other sites I've never even heard of, again thank you all for coming here and reading my ramblings, I do appreciate you being here!

As you all know, I have a telephonic device called an iPhone, but for a while I've noticed little things, a touchy headphone jack, load speeds, battery life and the other day, the mute switch went haywire, so yesterday me and my old pal Rich went into Birmingham, to the Apple Store in the Bullring, I was given an appointment, and I was promptly seen by one of their "Geniuses", who instead of going on about repair and all that, just replaced the phone outright, I'm rather shocked, the service was superb, everything was flawless, before lunch, I'd got a brand new iPhone 3GS.
Thanks, Apple Store Birmingham!

So with that done, I bought The Saboteur and Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, and we headed back home, where Rich pilfered a boatload of my music, we watched Top Gear and played The Saboteur, which is officially the most cliché game on the planet, but good, nonetheless, yet to play it some more, again, lack of time and effort this week.

Onto bigger news, Framed are gigging, Wednesday April 27th at The Island Bar, We are headlining this and this is Framed's first gig with me joining them on guitar, so it's certainly exciting, but keep your eye on the Official Page, I'm told we are recording this coming week's rehearsal, I've got lots of new ideas though, so some exciting times lie ahead!

Also had some questions about my health, I have the hospital this week, so I will fill you in, but on the whole, I'm feeling very well, thank you, reader.

There's more to hearing than meets the ear.
Your pal
Luke Clarke

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