Friday, 22 April 2011

Shoot To Thrill, Play To Kill

'Allo Rabble

How're you all doing? Well, I hope.

It's that time again, where I felt the need to blog, properly like, I'm overly tired and fueled by caffeine and pizza, which is when I write my best stuff, it's been a busy week for me, and I'm doing more of what I enjoy.

  • Minimal hours at work
  • Working alot more on music
  • Sleeping, I like sleeping
Let's be honest folks, the weather here in the UK has been superb as of late, as much as I love seeing the world in the sun, I dislike the heat that comes with it, as it ruins me thanks to the ol' asthma, alas I remain chipper, because of everything that's to come, my fantastically sexy band Framed are headlining this coming Wednesday 27th at The Island Bar in Birmingham, click the image below for details, if any of you are coming, please come see me at the gig, I'll be more than grateful to know readers are following my band aswell

Now, the Tuesday just gone, I paid a visit to my Epilepsy specialist at the hospital in Walsall, naturally after last months severe seizure there were some issues with medication that needed to be resolved and now I've been put onto the 700. Nitro Express tablets, called "Episenta", the side effects are awful and the tablets themselves are the size of the moon, so I'm not looking forward to the side effects of what's going to come of this, there's a lot of chopping and changing going on it works for a short time, but honestly speaking, half the time I don't know whether I'm coming or going, hopefully this will be the last change I have to go through, but it's not pleasant at the moment, I'll be honest.

That same day, I spent about ten minutes kicking my feet up on a bench in the town centre, on my phone, checking my Twitter/Facebook feeds, some random girl sat down next to me, tried to make light conversation, she was plastered with fake tan and had stupidly bleached blonde hair, so I continued to tell her to go away, I'm a charming guy aren't I, dear readers?

Thursday rolled around, and so did Band Practice, Kim has a throat infection, Matt had written off Joe's bike, so it's fair to say, not everyone was on form, and in the rehearsal room, it was bastard hot, the evening was spent complaining about the heat and trying to get the dynamics right, which is difficult because I'm not musically in the know, being self taught and all that, and I'll be honest I just wasn't with it for some reason, we have our pre-gig practice Monday hopefully and then it's my first gig for a very long time, so obviously, I'm a tad nervous.

Though I'm finally getting all the sounds I want, I just think it was the heat messing with me, I was struggling, so I'll have to sort that out...

I got alot of fantastic feedback for the new "Luke Clarke Blog: Pimp Hand Award" so I'm taking nominations for May 2011! 

How To Nominate

  • #LukeBlogPimpHand hash tag on twitter, with your nomination and why
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Simple? You can make a difference!

Look out for a YouTube tutorial of how to make my tasty Superb Owl Nachos, lounge in the sun with a bowl of LC's Superb Owl Nachos!

That'll do you for now!
B Cool
Your Pal
Luke Clarke

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