Friday, 1 April 2011

New Albums Galore!

Albums galore, empire!

This past week at HMV Walsall, there was a blowout sale on some really classic albums, a few of which are pictured here, but most of which cannot be shown, because of how many me and Rob actually brought in this crazy offer, the CD's ranging from £3-£6, which if you ask me, is pretty damn good, and I still love physical media, the feeling of reading the booklets and slipping the disc in and cranking up a new CD, that feeling.

These things were cheaper than they would be on iTunes, pretty cool eh readers?

So, how're we all doing? lovely stuff, onwards and upwards.

This week, I've been listening to alot of music, and I mean a lot (not as much of course as Rob, who hit 50k on Last.FM the other night) alas, where he hits one milestone, I hit another, I reached 1,000 Buckethead plays, the penultimate track being his classic, "Jordan", well chuffed, however that isn't even half of the amount of U2 plays that I have, I love Last FM, I dunno why but when I look at my music after a particularly long listening session, there is a sense of achievement, seeing that number at the top gradually climb, music's great ennit?

So, my surprise albums of the week?
Jay-Z - The Black Album
Pulp - Different Class
Daft Punk - Discovery
KC & The Sunshine Band - The Very Best Of
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres

However, what I want to write about is my biggest disappointment of this stack of albums, I purchased Muse - The Resistance, because of all the lovely things I hear about Muse, all of these years however, I've never listened to them, except "Plug In Baby" which I listened to once or twice eons ago, now onto the main point.

I played this album start to finish, expecting to be dazzled by an alternarock masterpiece by this trio of blokes, however it's quite the opposite, the first track had me, but each consecutive track lost me  because well, it was distinctly over produced and really wasn't what I would class as rock music, it was more of a case of Classical style arrangements played with synthetic instruments by Muse & Friends, I wish I had something more to say about this album, but I just don't, I found it very bland and disappointing considering all of the hype that came with it. Now I might get slammed for this, but sorry lads if you tell me "make a better rock record than this", I think I could because I'd class "The Resistance" under anything but Rock, sure there are some great compositions on there, and with the London Philharmonic, The Resistance would be superb, I think I know what I'm on about, being a connoisseur of King Crimson/Robert Fripp/ProjeKcts...

Lot's of work being done on guitar, some good sounding stuff happening, more in-depth blog coming soon... things for you to click below!

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That should cover it
Until next time, your pal
Luke Clarke

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