Saturday, 16 April 2011

Three Of A Perfect Pair


Now, last blog I signed off with the sentiment that I would be giving my two cents on some new albums, I've done alot of listening to a whole host of albums I have added to my collection. Below I will list the albums, I'll score them out of ten on how engaging they were, and put the number of memorable tracks out of how many are on the album.

Buckethead & Travis Dickerson - Left Hanging
Overall Score: 8/10
No. Of Memorable tracks: 5/7
Comments: It's an album of outtakes from "Population Override", the reason it didn't get the 10, is because there aren't entire tracks that keep me listening, however it doesn't stop it being a intriguing listen to what was cut from a fantastic album. "Terra Firma" is a good 'un

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
Overall Score: 5.5/10
No. Of Memorable tracks: 3/11
Comments: The newest FF album is the only one I can say I've listened to and doesn't make my brain hurt due to it's dullness, however, it really isn't memorable, it's the same old Foo's, "White Limo"and "Alandria" are all I can recall off of it.

REM - Collapse Into Now
Overall Score: 8/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: 5/12
Comments: a typical R.E.M album, but I'll be honest, it was a nice listen, I've not listened to it more than once, but it was a nice upbeat album and had a great feel to it, recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin, it may not be an "Out Of Time". but I really enjoyed it, call it easy listening.

Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer
Overall Score: 10/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: 10/15
Comments: not normally my territory, but there aren't many people who can put a modern wallop on the old Detroit Motown sound like CLG can, this album had me listening from start to end, real talent you don't hear in popular music these days, stellar arrangements and brilliant lyrics.

King Crimson - Heavy ConstruKction (3 Discs)
Overall Score: 10/10
No. Of Memorable Tracks: All of 'em
Comments: Yes.

So, now my album thoughts are out of the way, how are you? jolly good.

Now, I've been very busy, hence why I haven't posted in a while, listening to music, working, socializing, songwriting, improving legato etc etc, however, I thought of a new monthly featurette I'm going to introduce here and now...

The "Luke Clarke's Blog: Pimp Hand Award", this award will be going to the person or people that most deserve a firm pimp slap to eradicate them from the world for a while.

As a member of various guitar, media, music and general entertainment websites, there has been one person who consistently keeps getting utterly pointless headlines, constantly holding a spot on the homepage now his bands new album is out, his smug, hairy face, ruins my day every time I log on and see another "(April's winner) runs a bar across some railings because the noise made him smile" or how (April's winner) is ranked alongside Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Lemmy in this months "Classic Rock: 100 Greatest Songwriters".

His voice annoys me, his face annoys me, his constant publicity annoys me, his instant "God" status annoys me, and for that reason. Dave Grohl, you win the LCB Pimp Hand Award for April 2011, your pimp slap is in the post, get back in "Them Crooked Vultures" and shut up.

Rant over.
Blog Part 2 Coming Soon

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  1. Cee Lo Green is catchy, but I wouldn't say talented. I'd say you either need to be a good singer or musician, and he's neither, as far as I've heard.