Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Bluer Kind Of White...

So, last night was my first gig with Framed, it went well, so many people dancing that even Bob Log III would have been proud, alas, the competition were pitiful, but we've all been there haven't we...doing terrible punk covers while the man (with the beard, i.e Me) in the crowd shouts "CORNED BEEF!" during your cover of Blondie's "Call Me", yeah...

Personally speaking, I wasn't that happy with the venue, I think Van Gogh was on the sound desk, the portly promoter with the ill fitting clothes is up for nominations for the May Pimp Slap award, among many, I enjoyed getting to know the band a bit more aswell, was a good night, however, I made a couple of great stonking mistakes, because I couldn't hear a damn thing from my AC30, I had a laugh watching the other acts...

Now I know my co-guitarist Joe reads this shit, watches the videos on my YouTube channel, it's a talking point he brings up a lot, maybe because my shit is perfect... But on a more serious note, it's always a pleasure to plug in and play in Framed, I'm hoping with future songs I can add more noise using my pedal based device...

But when me, the band, roadie Chris and Rich were wandering the streets of Birmingham, we spoke of how it all came around, how I ended up in a band as good as this and how the pieces all fitted, Kim adding me on facebook because of my guitar pictures, from the Framed keyring in my drink, talking to Kim on Morrisons car park, and then suddenly, here I was, part of this band, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, so thanks for having me, I dunno how they put up with me!

So as I write this, I notice we've hit 3,700 views, hows about that then?

Today though, I was back at work, 1-9.30pm, but you know after all the writing of ideas, discussing, chopping and changing my guitar sounds, repairing stuff etc, a day in Farmfoods seemed exceptionally boring, and it gave me a lot of time to think about anything but the job, the mundane nature of my job was something I'd never realized before, but today it hit me like a cold hard slap in the face, I really do loathe my job...

Tonight, I sat out in the garden listening to U2's "Zooropa" album, I had a JD on the rocks as I mulled over where I'm at...

  • Sudden realization that my job engages me as much as the colour beige
  • I'm in a fantastic band
  • I feel frankly terrible
  • I have solid friends I can rely on
  • I'm only 20 years old, and this year is flying by, quicker than I'd like
  • I'm virtually broke, not earning much a week anymore
and for aslong as The Edge's guitar was shimmering away during "Lemon", I really didn't give two hoots.

As soon as I realized this is about the 6th combination of tablets I take to control everything, I began to worry a bit more, this is a "rest of my life" thing, so please, if you're healthy, treasure it, because seriously, this shit isn't nice.

The side effects to all this make me such a changeable person, however, any close friends will know that music is the only pure force with me that never changes, it's what keeps me from losing the plot at times, being on the brink sort of gives me ideas on what to play, so yeah, look after yourself if you're a healthy git, this is all real and this blog is everything I've ever written on the internet.

Lot's of new music, I may do some more reviews, but on that note, thanks for stopping by!

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