Friday, 10 December 2010

"Desperation, is the English way"

Hello Empire!

700 Views, how about that...

I'm finding it very hard to get enthusiastic at the moment, it's coming up to a year since we lost my father, 30th December will be a hard day, to lose my Dad, with him being only in his 50's, and for me to find him, dead, was a sight that I won't forget, ever, it was hard for me, so I apologize now, In advance if I seem to be aggressive or over-sarcastic, it's been a hard year.

My last blog, was one of the rare occurances of me going all lovey-dovey here on the LCB, Jay told me to "follow my heart", but that, my funk-brother readers would give me more trouble than it would be worth, as I said previously, I keep trying to shut love out of my life, and 90% of the time, it kinda works, it's just that 10% where I feel glad to have the friends I do, because they remind me, that , well, I'm awesome

And no, readers, I'm still not giving out the name of the mystery girl, she doesn't need that kind of humiliation, nor burden for that matter, I can live with the dreams, yeah... they'll do.

So I've started putting my plans of getting out of Farmfoods into action, I've re written my CV, after yonks, and I'm filling in a job application, I really want this job, I know it's not out of Brownhills, but at least it's something I'm interested in, so it would be nice to start a new job away from the terribleness that is Farmfoods, however, it's the wonga from that joint that has gotten me everything I have now...

So, we had band practice earlier today, Me, Jay & CJ fired up the gear over at Neon Studios in Burntwood, and had easily our most productive practice, a track me & Jay had been working on working titled "Rollerdisco" still hadn't got me convinced, I'm still not feeling that one, but we finished one of our awesome tracks, the Ashes to Ashes themed one (TV show, not David Bowie song), and it sounds truly bad ass, 5 minutes of pure curb stomping rock! we jammed some pretty awesome funk stuff tonight too, which sounded nice to say the least, then after doing all of this, we burst full on into this manic metal thing, which we might throw in to mix things up, it's heavier than ANYTHING I've ever done, ever...

Now, I'm feeling quite rough, I think I may be hitting one of my rough patches in which case, I'll be ducking out of blogging & vlogging for a bit, keeping myself to myself, I need a break from the world, I'm at a point again, readers, where all my problems, with my medications' side effects wrestle me to the floor, and beat me into submission

for now readers, thanks, and this may be the last blog for a week, maybe more, who knows, I just need a break, but do me a massive favor, and go check out these blogs, they'll keep you ticking over while I'm not here, They assure me

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and on that note, thanks again, I leave you with this


  1. Well, I'll miss you if you go, but if you do it'll be what's best for you, and we all want that. So take as long as you need, m'kay?

    And yeah, I think I told you that I lost my grandmother on Christmas day a few years ago, that she passed away while I held her hand. She was the person I was closest to in my family, so I know how you feel mate.

    Stay strong, m'kay? You know where I am.

  2. Thanks Lew, You're a good'un

    Thanks for sticking with this blog, I hope this isn't the end of it all

  3. It won't be, don't worry about it.