Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Earth Heals Herself


Hey readers, How're you doing? I hope you're all well on this nippy December night, because I can't sleep, and I need some open ears, and since you're here, well, you might aswell stick around eh?

So, followers of my Facebook page will know of my feeling of statelessness just recently, and I don't know why, it's a feeling of being somewhat lost in life, longing for a solid purpose, maybe not that far, but it's something that has me staring into nothingness, something that gets me lost in my music, it's that same feeling of statelessness which enables me to put on some music and stream write my entire blog in one go, which some other Bloggers I know find difficult to do, is this a good thing to do? having a feeling of being distant from what you're seeing through your eyes isn't a nice feeling, not a nice one at all, but this feeling of not having a purpose, I hit a nerve towards what it must be, just yesterday, let me elaborate...

Now any songwriter who's worth their salt will tell you for every good idea, theres a shitstack of diabolical ones that will never have any use, now for the last few months, I've had a few diamonds in the rough, purely improvisational riffs though, however yesterday, the strangest thing happened, I was sat with a guitar I've not really had any ideas from, my Gibson Buckethead Les Paul Custom and I had this little three note arpeggio, just a sequence of three notes played over and over, so I tabbed it out on Guitar Pro, put that guitar down, and picked up my Jazz Bass, leaving this arpeggio looped in the background, as soon as i sat down with the bass, I hit dead on, the perfect C, and from that spawned a beautiful chord progression that worked underneath this arpeggio, then I took a break for about an hour, came back, and that spawned another awesome chord progression for a verse, and from that over the space of around four hours on and off, I've written one of my best pieces ever, Guitar, Bass and even Drums this time around, today, I sent it over to my band's bassman Jay, now, using the "Luke Clarke Sod's Law" theory,

"Luke Clarke Sod's Law -"
"The more work you put into a Guitar Pro project, the less it's liked by anyone"

However, this was not the case, fully expecting him to say "I don't like the bass you've written it's a bit boring" but, within seconds of me getting online, an MSN window burst open and I got the message "Luke! You genius f**ker you!" He tells me he thinks every aspect of it is superb. Any songwriter will tell you, THAT is the reaction you want, he also agreed the drums that I wrote were spot on, so it's a case of getting CJ to learn them, which may prove tricky, however, I remain confident...for now

But this brings up something else, have I got to a point where I've worked on technique to a point now where I'm playing better than I ever have, where I can turn thoughts into ideas, and ideas from rough drafts into songs for the band? I really hope this song I've written is the start of a flood of songs for me, it's what we need in this band, I've been putting in the work while just jamming with the guys, but putting songwriting itself on the backburner, so maybe this is the start of something similar to the flood of ideas I had near the start of Crashpoint back in '08.

This ambient music is still continuing the flow of streamwriting, Brian Eno & Robert Fripp are ethereal geniuses, it's something much, much more than music, more akin to an atmosphere, ever developing, constantly populating further on and on, until it just stops,and life continues back at th epace at which it was, I could listen to 'Evening Star' or 'Music For Airports' all day, it's food for the brain is what I would call it, I haven;t stopped typing, not once, there are synth swells that make you feel as if you're being wrapped up in a warm blanket, bellows that will make you look around if you're listening through headphones, it's something else, hence my extensive research into the Frippertronics guitar style, to be able to create that kind of ambience, is something beyond "Four chords and the truth"

Now today, I've done a bit of gaming, I purchased a quirky platformer which harks back to classic days of having to tune in a Nintendo Entertainment System to a big old tube television, On sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace, "Super Meat Boy" is one of the few games that made me smile this year, for about £6, it was a steal, and also, enjoy the menu music, it's bad ass!

Taking up my time too, was Super Street Fighter 4, which I enjoyed sharpening up on with my friends Maccie and Mat Husted, laughs were had, it was all good competitive fun, and extremely loud singing of Guile's Theme... we all won a few times and it was a nice change for me, SSFIV was never something I was any good at, but I managed to beat these guys a few times!

Bit of everything today!
gonna try and get some sleep, notice the 'try' in that line

stay cool, friends

Your pal
Luke Clarke

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